2012 Topps Valor Football Checklist

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2012 Topps Valor Football

2012 Topps Football
Release Date: March 22, 2012

Box Configuration:
1 Pack Per Box
6 Cards Per Pack

Per Pack:
2 Rookie Autographs (on-card)
1 Veteran Autograph
1 Rookie Patch
2 Base Cards

2012 Topps Valor
Base Set
2 Base Cards Per Pack

Parallel Cards:

  • Glory Parallel #/50
  • Valor #/1

2012 Topps Valor Justin Blackmon RC 2012 Topps Valor Troy Polamalu

1 Ray Lewis
2 Brian Urlacher
3 BenJarvus Green-Ellis
4 Fred Jackson
5 LeSean McCoy
6 Coby Fleener
7 Darrelle Revis
8 Wes Welker
9 Tony Romo
10 Andrew Luck
11 Von Miller
12 A.J. Green
13 Jimmy Graham
14 Tony Gonzalez
15 Jason Pierre-Paul
16 Luke Kuechly
17 Peyton Manning
18 Chris Johnson
19 Josh Gordon
20 Tom Brady
21 Brandon Marshall
22 Mohamed Sanu
23 DeMarcus Ware
24 Vernon Davis
25 Trent Richardson

26 Ben Roethlisberger
27 Mario Williams
28 Antonio Gates
29 James Laurinaitis
30 Calvin Johnson Jr.
31 Clay Matthews
32 Anquan Boldin
33 Stephen Hill
34 Marshawn Lynch
35 Russell Wilson
36 Ed Reed
37 Jamaal Charles
38 Michael Vick
39 Darren McFadden
40 Aaron Rodgers
41 Ndamukong Suh
42 Mark Sanchez
43 Adrian Peterson
44 Isaiah Pead
45 Ray Rice
46 Brock Osweiler
47 Lamar Miller
48 Larry Fitzgerald
49 Courtney Upshaw
50 Jim Brown

51 Quinton Coples
52 Matthew Stafford
53 Dan Fouts
54 Andy Dalton
55 Ryan Tannehill
56 Chandler Jones
57 Brandon Weeden
58 Philip Rivers
59 Andre Johnson
60 Robert Griffin III
61 Michael Floyd
62 Alshon Jeffery
63 Steven Jackson
64 LaMichael James
65 Julio Jones
66 Michael Turner
67 A.J. Jenkins
68 Ryan Broyles
69 Alfred Morris
70 Eli Manning
71 Victor Cruz
72 Rob Gronkowski
73 Jim Kelly
74 Brian Orakpo
75 Justin Blackmon

76 Rueben Randle
77 Dwayne Allen
78 Michael Egnew
79 David Wilson
80 Drew Brees
81 Jim Plunkett
82 Vincent Jackson
83 Earl Thomas
84 Brian Quick
85 Patrick Willis
86 Kurt Warner
87 Arian Foster
88 Kendall Wright
89 Frank Gore
90 Cam Newton
91 Jared Allen
92 Doug Martin
93 DeMarco Murray
94 Melvin Ingram
95 Matt Forté
96 Nick Foles
97 Mark Barron
98 Tim Tebow
99 Robert Turbin
100 Troy Polamalu

2012 Topps Valor
Legionary RC Autographs
Signed On-Card

Legionary Parallels:

Speed #/70
Strength #/50
Disipline #/25
Heart #/1

2012 Topps Valor Andrew Luck Autograph
Legionary Version

LA-AJ Alshon Jeffery
LA-AJJ A.J. Jenkins
LA-AL Andrew Luck
LA-BO Brock Osweiler
LA-BQ Brian Quick
LA-BW Brandon Weeden
LA-CF Coby Fleener
LA-CG Chris Givens
LA-CJ Chandler Jones
LA-CR Chris Rainey
LA-DA Dwayne Allen
LA-DM Doug Martin
LA-DP DeVier Posey
LA-DW David Wilson
LA-IP Isaiah Pead
LA-JB Justin Blackmon
LA-JC Juron Criner
LA-JG Josh Gordon
LA-JW Jarius Wright
LA-KW Kendall Wright
LA-LJ LaMichael James
LA-LM Lamar Miller

LA-ME Michael Egnew
LA-MF Michael Floyd
LA-MJ Marvin Jones
LA-MM Marvin McNutt
LA-MS Mohamed Sanu
LA-NF Nick Foles
LA-NT Nick Toon
LA-QC Quinton Coples
LA-RB Ryan Broyles
LA-RG Robert Griffin III
LA-RH Ronnie Hillman
LA-RR Rueben Randle
LA-RT Ryan Tannehill
LA-RTU Robert Turbin
LA-SH Stephen Hill
LA-TB Travis Benjamin
LA-TJG T.J. Graham
LA-TR Trent Richardson
LA-TYH T.Y. Hilton
LA-VB Vick Ballard
LA-TYH T.Y. Hilton

2012 Topps Valor

Valor Parallels:

Courage #/70
Honor #/50
Glory #/25
Valor #/1

2012 Topps Valor Robert Griffin III
Valor Version – Honor Parallel

VA-AJ Alshon Jeffery
VA-AJJ A.J. Jenkins
VA-AL Andrew Luck
VA-BO Brock Osweiler
VA-BQ Brian Quick
VA-BW Brandon Weeden
VA-CF Coby Fleener
VA-CG Chris Givens
VA-CJ Chandler Jones
VA-DA Dwayne Allen
VA-DM Doug Martin
VA-DP DeVier Posey
VA-DW David Wilson
VA-IP Isaiah Pead
VA-JB Justin Blackmon
VA-JC Juron Criner
VA-JG Josh Gordon
VA-JW Jarius Wright
VA-KW Kendall Wright
VA-LJ LaMichael James

VA-LK Luke Kuechly
VA-LM Lamar Miller
VA-ME Michael Egnew
VA-MF Michael Floyd
VA-MJ Marvin Jones
VA-MS Mohamed Sanu
VA-NF Nick Foles
VA-NT Nick Toon
VA-QC Quinton Coples
VA-RB Ryan Broyles
VA-RG Robert Griffin III
VA-RH Ronnie Hillman
VA-RR Rueben Randle
VA-RT Ryan Tannehill
VA-RTU Robert Turbin
VA-SH Stephen Hill
VA-TB Travis Benjamin
VA-TJG T.J. Graham
VA-TR Trent Richardson
VA-VB Vick Ballard

2012 Topps Valor
Field Armour Patch Cards
1 Per Pack – Event Used Memorabilia

Parallel Cards:

  • Speed #/70
  • Strength #/50
  • Discipline #/25
  • Heart #/1

2012 Topps Valor Ryan Tannehill Patch

FAP-AJ Alshon Jeffery
FAP-AJJ A.J. Jenkins
FAP-AL Andrew Luck
FAP-BO Brock Osweiler
FAP-BP Bernard Pierce
FAP-BQ Brian Quick
FAP-BW Brandon Weeden
FAP-CF Coby Fleener
FAP-CG Chris Givens
FAP-CJ Chandler Jones
FAP-DA Dwayne Allen
FAP-DK Dre Kirkpatrick
FAP-DM Doug Martin

FAP-DP DeVier Posey
FAP-DW David Wilson
FAP-IP Isaiah Pead
FAP-JB Justin Blackmon
FAP-JG Josh Gordon
FAP-JW Jarius Wright
FAP-KW Kendall Wright
FAP-LJ LaMichael James
FAP-LM Lamar Miller
FAP-MB Mark Barron
FAP-ME Michael Egnew
FAP-MF Michael Floyd
FAP-MS Mohamed Sanu
FAP-NF Nick Foles

FAP-NT Nick Toon
FAP-RB Ryan Broyles
FAP-RG Robert Griffin III
FAP-RH Ronnie Hillman
FAP-RR Rueben Randle
FAP-RT Ryan Tannehill
FAP-RTU Robert Turbin
FAP-RW Russell Wilson
FAP-SH Stephen Hill
FAP-TJG T.J. Graham
FAP-TR Trent Richardson
FAP-TYH T.Y. Hilton
FAP-VB Vick Ballard

2012 Topps Valor
Shield of Armour Patch Auto’s
1 Per Case – Event Used Memorabilia

Parallel Cards:

  • Glory #/10
  • Valor #/1

2012 Topps Valor Trent Richardson

SOH-AJ Alshon Jeffery
SOH-AJJ A.J. Jenkins
SOH-AL Andrew Luck
SOH-BO Brock Osweiler
SOH-BQ Brian Quick
SOH-BW Brandon Weeden
SOH-CF Coby Fleener
SOH-DA Dwayne Allen
SOH-DH Dont’a Hightower
SOH-DK Dre Kirkpatrick
SOH-DM Doug Martin
SOH-DP DeVier Posey
SOH-DW David Wilson
SOH-IP Isaiah Pead

SOH-JA Joe Adams
SOH-JB Justin Blackmon
SOH-JC Juron Criner
SOH-JG Josh Gordon
SOH-JW Jarius Wright
SOH-KW Kendall Wright
SOH-LJ LaMichael James
SOH-LK Luke Kuechly
SOH-LM Lamar Miller
SOH-ME Michael Egnew
SOH-MF Michael Floyd
SOH-MS Mohamed Sanu
SOH-NF Nick Foles

SOH-NT Nick Toon
SOH-RB Ryan Broyles
SOH-RG Robert Griffin III
SOH-RH Ronnie Hillman
SOH-RR Rueben Randle
SOH-RT Ryan Tannehill
SOH-RTU Robert Turbin
SOH-RW Russell Wilson
SOH-SH Stephen Hill
SOH-TJG T.J. Graham
SOH-TR Trent Richardson
SOH-TYH T.Y. Hilton
SOH-VB Vick Ballard

2012 Topps Valor
Centurion Autographs
1 Per Pack – Veteran Player Auto’s

Parallel Cards:

  • Speed #/70
  • Strength #/50
  • Disipline #/25
  • Heart #/1

2012 Topps Valor Tony Romo Autograph

CA-AB Ahmad Bradshaw
CA-AF Arian Foster
CA-AH Aaron Hernandez
CA-AR Andre Roberts
CA-BT Ben Tate
CA-CB Cedric Benson
CA-DF Dan Fouts
CA-DM Denarius Moore
CA-ED Eric Decker
CA-FG Frank Gore
CA-GJ Greg Jennings
CA-JB Jim Brown
CA-JGR Jermaine Gresham

CA-JIG Jimmy Graham
CA-JJW J.J. Watt
CA-JK Jim Kelly
CA-JM Jeremy Maclin
CA-JP Jim Plunkett
CA-JPP Jason Pierre-Paul
CA-JV Jonathan Vilma
CA-KW Kurt Warner
CA-MC Marques Colston
CA-MF Malcom Floyd
CA-MI Mark Ingram
CA-MR Matt Ryan
CA-MV Michael Vick
CA-MW Mike Wallace

CA-NS Ndamukong Suh
CA-PG Pierre Garcon
CA-PH Percy Harvin
CA-PW Patrick Willis
CA-SG Shonn Greene
CA-SH Santonio Holmes
CA-SL Sean Lee
CA-SR Sidney Rice
CA-SS Steve Smith
CA-TR Tony Romo
CA-TS Torrey Smith
CA-VC Victor Cruz
CA-VD Vernon Davis
CA-VM Von Miller

DAA-CB Ahmad Bradshaw – Victor Cruz
DAA-FA Dwayne Allen – Coby Fleener
DAA-GG Pierre Garcon – Robert Griffin III
DAA-IS Mark Ingram – Darren Sproles
DAA-JM Doug Martin – Vincent Jackson
DAA-LA Andrew Luck – Dwayne Allen
DAA-LF Coby Fleener – Andrew Luck
DAA-MM Darren McFadden – Denarius Moore
DAA-OH Brock Osweiler – Ronnie Hillman
DAA-PH Christian Ponder – Percy Harvin
DAA-PQ Isaiah Pead – Brian Quick
DAA-QG Brian Quick – Chris Givens
DAA-RW Rueben Randle – David Wilson
DAA-SG Shonn Greene – Mark Sanchez
DAA-TE Michael Egnew – Ryan Tannehill
DAA-TM Lamar Miller – Ryan Tannehill
DAA-WG Josh Gordon – Brandon Weeden
DAA-WM Rashard Mendenhall – Mike Wallace
DAA-WR Brandon Weeden – Trent Richardson
DAA-WT Robert Turbin – Russell Wilson

Dual Autographs
Serial Numbered #/

2012 Topps Valor Dual Autograph

Triple Autographs
Serial Numbered #/ TAA-GWD Frank Gore – Patrick Willis – Vernon Davis
TAA-LFA Coby Fleener – Dwayne Allen – Andrew Luck
TAA-QPG Chris Givens – Isaiah Pead – Brian Quick
TAA-TME Lamar Miller – Ryan Tannehill – Michael Egnew
TAA-WRG Josh Gordon – Brandon Weeden – Trent Richardson

Quad Autographs
Serial Numbered #/ QAA-GWDJ Vernon Davis –  A.J. Jenkins – Frank Gore – Patrick Willis
QAA-LFHB Vick Ballard – T.Y. Hilton – Coby Fleener – Andrew Luck
QAA-SHGH Stephen Hill – Shonn Greene – Santonio Holmes – Mark Sanchez

2012 Topps Valor Football is a brand new set the company will debut this season. It has a little bit of an Inception Football feel to it and the configuration of the packs and boxes are about the same. Sometimes when a card company debuts a set for the first time, the will want to make an impression. They do that in order to have some built in demand to produce it the next year. Every companies goal is to have iconic brands like Finest, Chrome, etc….. sets they can produce year after year.

It could be that Valor falls on it’s face. Perhaps the 1 pack product will be too expensive and it will be too difficult to pull an Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III. Much like 2012 Finest and 2012 Platinum – collectors may be cautious, worried that their Valor case will be filled with Ryan Broyles and Chris Givens autographs.

At the 2012 National Sports Collectors Convention in Baltimore, Topps passed out stickers that had the ‘V’ logo on it. At the time they had not released any information regarding the set. Shortly after they set up a Twitter Account that has been shooting off inspirational quotes. Check it out because they will probably show some more preview images and information leading up to the release of the set.

To me it looks like Topps spent more time marketing this set than getting top quality content in the set.

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