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Derek Jeter 1993 Upper Deck SP Rookie Card
Derek Jeter 1993
Upper Deck SP RC #279

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The Top 5 Derek Jeter Baseball Cards

Derek Jeter is one of the most popular players to ever play for the New York Yankees. His consistent play along with winning many championships has made him a fan favorite in the MLB. His autograph cards are some of the highest valued of any player in the modern area. Jeter’s autograph is both beautiful and well crafted making it stand out on anything that he signs.

Derek Jeter has been on top of the baseball hobby world since the release of his 1993 Upper Deck SP Rookie Card #279. This card although not particularly rare, is condition sensitive making graded copies highly collectible. BGS & PSA 9.5 and 10 sell in the $1,000 of dollars on eBay.

Only the Baseball Hall of Fame awaits Jeter at the end of his career. He already has many world championships with the New York Yankees, most recently 2009. Steady play and leadership has made Derek Jeter one of the greatest NY Yankees of all time. His collectibles are as sure as a bet can be in sports.

1993 Derek Jeter Rookie Card Value Guide

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