R-Rated Podcast: Topps Now Isn’t All That – Distributor Letter

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In this episode we talk about the year for Topps Now.

Recap of an article found here: Sports Business Journal: By capturing the moment in MLB, Topps secures a new market (subscription needed).

Some of the rhetoric and hype about Topps Now don’t exactly match up to the numbers.

Frankly, the year long program wasn’t even as popular as eTopps 15 years ago. eTopps came before smart phones and social media. Shouldn’t Topps have been able to sell more cards now?

Embarrassing and inaccurate quotes from a Beckett Media analyst regarding Topps Now in the same article.

A letter from a wholesale distributor regarding Upper Deck ePack is read. Many in this hobby pretend to be all out the collector, very few live up to it.

Ryan hit a huge bonus with his frequent flyer miles. Who in the card world would he let fly for free with him?


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