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There have been some interesting releases the last few days including 2012/13 Artifacts Hockey and 2012 Topps Update Baseball, however we skip discussing individual sets today and talk about some little bits of news + plus + some collecting motivation techniques.

  • COMC.com, eBay & Selling Black Friday

The main thing to remember is that the holiday buying season is coming. Also, collectors often get money for Christmas – so the buying extends into December and January. Additionally, remember that these sites all cater to the buyer …. because as long as there are buyers – there will be a line of sellers trying to make money.

  • The Industry Summit March 2013

I make a strong case here that if you are even thinking about starting a hobby related website – go to the Industry Summit this coming year, it will save you more time & money than what it will cost for a few days in Vegas. Also if it’s your first time, check out a distributor for details on how to waive your registration fee.

  • Upper Deck’s Expired Redemption Raffle

Here is an idea that I think is directly related to the Industry Summit. I remember the author of this blog post on Upper Deck’s Expired Redemption Card Raffle Details lead a 2 day talk about redemption cards in 2011 – and many hobby shops were already doing this for their customers (at a loss) already. Now Upper Deck will hold raffles at select industry events (including the Industry Summit in 2013) for people that have expired redemptions. Please visit the blog post I linked above – you can mail in up to 5 redemption cards – but follow the instructions laid out in the blog.

  • Collecting Ideas To Help You Stay Motivated
    Vintage Cards – Safe investment if you buy at the ‘low’ price’ (Get the ones graded already)
    Buying bulk lots – too many are junk on eBay, but there are gems if you have the bankroll
    Trades – I often like trading base/inserts collectors need for sets & it’s fun
    “Man Cave” items – auto jerseys & other items look great, just make sure it’s authentic
  • Shop Owners
    It’s your job to keep your customers motivated!
    Be friendly, don’t make them feel like they have to buy every time – especially big spenders
    $1 grab bags are great, I used to slip coupons in them as well for $1 off
    PreSell – be honest, if a new product is on the way take $10 down instead of selling them junk
  • Box & Box Break Websites
    Cheaper/Random style breaks to get more people involved
    Create relationships with your customers, be friends with them
    A recurring membership club, like $10/month where I pick a team and you pick a box to do each month

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