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On today’s podcast we talk about one of the most highly anticipated basketball releases to come out in a long time, 2011-12 Upper Deck Fleer Retro basketball. We also discuss a thread that has been going on on the Blowout Cards forum that has given a lot of advice to anyone that wants to sell cards for a living. We also discuss the release date calendar and some other news.

Retro Basketball remakes some of the greatest cards that many people my age remember very well. Some of the hottest cards are the Precious Metal Gems insert cards, where they have a Green #/10, Blue #/50, and Red #/150 version of these cards. The original version of these cards sell for lots of money, and this years versions are doing quite well in sales too. There are lots of other inserts in the set, and I would have to say that some of the non-autographed cards are actually the most popular cards that you can find. While you will find Michael Jordan, and LeBron James autographs in this, it’s really the outstanding inserts that Upper Deck has brought back from the past that really will help the set sell.

2011-12 Fleer Retro David Thompson PMG

This forum thread on Blowout Cards has given people lots of good ideas on how to sell cards for a living. Some of the key takeaways are that you need to treat your business like it’s a professional corporation. You need to keep track of all your expenses and all your sales so you know exactly how much money all you are making or losing at the end of the month. Many sellers go in detail about selling gaming cards, buying cards cheaply from other collectors in large lots or in bulk. Most of them tell you to take it very seriously, and be very consistent by not opening packs or keeping cards for yourself. If you are a collector, not opening packs or keeping cards might be one of the hardest transitions for you, not that you need to stop collecting cards – you simply need to learn how to sell almost everything you have. It’s a very interesting thread, and I encourage you to read it even if you only sell part-time online.

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