Show #157 Josh Cade @CardFatherX Group Break Razz + Filler Interview

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Josh Cade conducts Raffles, Razzes, "Fillers" and breaks on his webcam.

He invited me to lunch at the National .... I declined, mainly because at the world's largest card show, meeting a male webcammer isn't high on my list.

He asked to call me on the phone. I said sure, but we would have to record it. He agreed. Enjoy.

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  • Bunch of bottom feeders trying to get publicity. Keep harassing people and watch how many deformation suits you get. Idiots. “Opinions” aren’t facts. Screen shots don’t mean shit and editing your content makes you more of a fraud. Can’t wait til all these guys and their following roast your asses.

  • Do you and your brother take turns credit card swipping each others ass cracks, or do you go full monty and poop out the hits? Asking for a friend.

  • Josh Cade is a great guy. I was in Law Enforcement for almost 30 years and I know people, and this guy is a A+ guy…get the facts straight before you start shitting on someone. Dumbass.

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