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With the HACKING BOMBSHELL that was dropped on CardboardConnection.com CEO Mike Smeth and his subsequent alleged 5 FELONY ARREST, collectors are left wondering if there is another option for card checklists. Below is a listing of some of the alternative options for collectors.

Webmasters! Now is the time to pounce! Where do you think Mike Smeth got the idea to add checklists to his websites? He certainly didn’t come up with it himself! Set up your own sports card website, start adding new product checklists to it, and watch your traffic grow to new heights.

Take a look at what Cardboard Connection charges for advertising. Maybe you can get a piece of this too! Be sure to also set up an account with eBay Partner Network. This is a major source of income for Cardboard Connection and even this website.

Baseball Card Pedia – only want Baseball Cards? Baseball Card Pedia is a Wikipedia style site that we’ve added updates to ourselves. If you have information about any Baseball Card set, consider adding it to Baseball Card Pedia.

Beckett – the largest database of sports cards is on Beckett. It may not fit your every checklist need, but the more you tinker with their website, the more useful it can become. Here is a really good tutorial on how to build checklists on Beckett.

Blowout Buzz – Blowout Sports Card Blog has compiled checklists for modern cards as they are released by the card manufacture.

COMC – while not a traditional checklist site, if you need help identifying a particular card, you can see front and back scans on COMC. As a filter option, you can access card scans of ones that have sold. Make sure to click that filter when doing card identification. I’ve used COMC countless times to answer collector questions about specific cards.

Group Break Checklists – an asset to the group breaking community, but in reality, every team set collector should also love this website. Sorts modern checklists by “Team” and “Hits” on excel and pdf.

Keyman Collectibles – a great resource, especially for vintage and mid-1990’s sets.

Leaf Trading Cards – they keep a record of new and past sets on their company website dating back to 2012.

Non Sport Checklists – looking for non-sport checklists? Wow – check out this website.

Open Checklist – while it appears the website is no longer updated, it does have sets that available that you might want to grab before it’s gone!

Panini – this company does a good job at posting their checklists, usually around the time of the product release. You can download the checklists into excel.

PSA Authentication – The PSA Street Market Report online price guide actually doubles as a very useful checklist.

Sports Card Database – works similar to Trading Card DB. Has old and modern sets.

Sports Card Radio – this website has most modern card checklists from 2009-2014. Use the search feature to access those pages.

Topps – unfortunately at the time of this piece, the Topps website did not have access to their checklist page. We will update that information if it becomes available.

Trading Card DB – updated with well over 100,000 sets and millions of cards. Use the search box to sort by player too!

Upper Deck – I’ve always found the best way to access new and old Upper Deck checklists is through this old school search feature on their website that is hard to get to. Click the UD link for access to that. I usually sort by “Product Name”.

Zistle – a sports card organization website that has a good library of checklists and set information available without having to log in.

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