“Vegas Dave” Fraudulent PSA Michael Jordan RC Card

Notorious high stakes gambler David Oancea, who is better known as Vegas Dave, has been making waves in the sports card world. He’s reportedly been throwing around big money buying high end graded cards.

But perhaps not everything in Oancea’s life is what it seems.

Vegas Dave recently bragged about this PSA 10 Michael Jordan rookie card on his Facebook and Instagram pages.

Several weeks after the Vegas Dave brag post about the PSA 10 Jordan, another post surfaced on social media stating that Vegas Dave sold the card for $18,000. Kicker being the card and PSA holder were both fake.

The owner of the card brought it to the National Sports Collectors Convention to get it “re-slabbed” by grading company Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA). Soon after he got bad news.

PSA said the card and holder were both fake. The company even held onto the card for a short period of time to draft a letter explaining their conclusions. The letter was posted on a Facebook “Card Scammer” Group.

PSA writes that the label on the Jordan card was copied from a legitimate one. Secondly, a PSA hologram was cut from another label and added. Lastly, the white strip on the back of the label containing a barcode and certification number were also applied fraudulently.

The Jordan rookie card itself was also concluded to be counterfeit by PSA.

Neither the owner of the card or Vegas Dave have made a statement about the issue either publicly or on social media.

Vegas Dave has a roller coaster lifestyle. He won $2.5 million from a $100,000 bet when the Kansas City Royals won the 2015 World Series.

But he’s facing huge legal issues. A federal grand jury indicted him for using phony Social Security numbers to open player betting accounts at Las Vegas casinos and sportsbooks.

He asserts to being banned from Vegas sportsbooks for winning too much. Although that conflicts with a recent Facebook post where he admits, “Even when I was posting $100,000 winning tickets online years ago I was losing overall.”

In June, Vegas Dave stated the banishment from Vegas sportsbooks drove him to invest in high end sports cards.

His Instagram feed shows him mainly living in the Vegas fast lane. Multiple pictures of women, famous athletes, betting tickets and wads of cash.

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