Ripping Wax Threatens Lawsuit Against Sports Card Radio!

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Ripping Wax owner David Gelfman has had enough!

'Gelf' is SOOOO sick of Sports Card Radio quoting his Blowout Forum posts from 2012 where he admits to his shady dealings with repack ripoff artist Heroes of Sport and fellow scumbag breaker Boomo

He's seeking $1,000,000 in damages. That might be enough to buy a couple trimmed slabs from his buddy Will Jaimet!!

Sports Card Radio will AGGRESSIVELY DEFEND our 1st Amendment Rights

See you in court SCRUBS!


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  • the MAGA hashtag is not a good look. I am assuming looking at where these shill bidders and trimmers reside that they are MAGA folk as well.

  • That was an epic roast on the podcast. Love you guys for not backing down. I’ve basically had your guys’ last few podcasts on a loop. Laughing my ass off. These guys just wanna play with their trimmed slabs… ???

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