Sports Card Radio Lifestyle Videos: Preview Edition

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Colin and Ryan have sat around for years watching grown men show off trimmed, fake and altered PSA or BGS slabs on social media channels.

Grown men bragging about having a picture of another grown man. 

For some reason in the sports card industry these posts are seen as a status symbol. You guys look so stupid.

Colin and Ryan don't think you guys are cool. Trimmed, fake and altered slabs aren't a sign of wealth. 

Most of you have to work 55 hours a week at $8.00 an hour. So if you get some time, here is how Colin and Ryan spent a Wednesday afternoon. 

Vid 1: While you dorks wait for your eBay bucks, Ryan turns the camera around.

Vid 2: A quick note how stupid you guys are

Vid 3: Ryan talks about the group breakers he recommends.

Vid 4: Ryan warns of cards flying out the backdoor.

Vid 5: Ryan shows you how a real baller shops and what they buy.

Vid 6: Colin jumps into the fray and sends haters into a tizzy because of the MAGA hat.

Vid 7: None of you have time to play golf so watch how much time Colin gets to practice. 

Vid 8: Ryan shares his week in review which saw crisis hit the doorstep of Heroes of Sport, Grand Slam Collectibles, Layton Sports Cards, Cardsmiths Breaks, Blowout Cards, PSA, BGS, David Gelfman, Boomo and more!

Vid 9: Ryan talks about how stupid you haters were to make fun of us today.


Keep buying those trimmed slabs as "investments" you SCRUBS!

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  • Thank You… The way I see it, you are just trying to protect the hobby and average collector. Please, keep up the good work…Don’t give up !!!!

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