Boomo’s Breaks – Notorious Group Break Scammer

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Many sports card scammers are able to have long careers ripping off collectors. Loud mouth group breaker "Boomo" is building quite a resume. 

One way to describe Boomo is disgusting. He's baffled sports card observers for many years. How does he get people to buy into his breaks?


Well, with eBay and help from other shady hobby friends, it only takes a few unknowing buyers to keep a scam going for many years. 

Here is a rundown of some of his greatest hits.

Boomo originally teamed with National Sports Collectors Convention Group Break Pavilion organizer David 'Gelf' Gelfman to open Boomo's Breaks. 

David Gelfman

Their first act together to scam customers was to partner with Heroes of Sport in 2012. 

Boomo was one of the exclusive group breakers of the product. 

Amazingly, Gelfman and Boomo purchased spots into their own Heroes of Sport breaks and pulled one of the biggest hits.

Later in 2013, Boomo "won" a Heroes of Sport grand prize.

The breaker of the product won a grand prize from the company? 

Gelfman and Boomo didn't stop with the Heroes of Sport scam.

In 2013 they started to shill bid their other group breaks. 

This is why group breakers sell break spots on eBay, so they can shill bid customers. Here is how Gelfman and Boomo did It.

Gelfman admitted to the shill bidding, while Boomo didn't go as far and instead blamed his children. 

eBay later banned Gelfman's account for, he claims, listing group breaks.

This clown 'Gelf' should have nothing to do with The National. He belongs in jail like other hobby shill bidder Bill Mastro. Does Mastro get a table at the Natty this year now that he's out of jail?

Instead of being in jail, Gelfman is treated as a "respected" member of the hobby community. He currently manages several other group breakers including Nasty Breaks, Jaspy's Hobbyland and Rip City Cards under the name "Ripping Wax". Do I want to break with any of those guys? Uh, nope.

What tricks and scams has Gelfman taught Nasty Breaks, Jaspy's Hobbyland and Rip City Cards? 

@SportsCardNews reached out to Gelfman, The National, Nasty Breaks, Rip City Cards & Jaspy's Hobbyland on Twitter or email and it was crickets.

Back to Boomo.

After the shill bidding with Gelfman in 2013, Boomo went on to conduct illegal online raffles using sports cards.

Sports Card Scammers Group

In recent years he's been called out a few times on the Sports Card Scammers Facebook page for not showing cards on camera. Some think he's just lazy and stupid. Others believe he's stealing cards. 

His recent 2019 re-pack product, smells like his past shill bidding scams. 

This post on Blowout Forum breaks down the current plot. It works similar to the Heroes of Sport scam from 2012. Show off some big hits, but those hits ultimately end up with Boomo. 

Some buyers get cards and may even feel happy, but nobody will ever get any of the big hits. Boomo gets to decide what goes into each box and can shill bid each eBay auction until he makes a profit. 

Anyone who questions Boomo typically gets threatened or bullied.

In 2019 he told a Blowout Forum member (full video): "Keep hiding. One day I'll just hire a guy and I don't care what it will cost me. I'll find out who you are and I'll knock on your door. I'll say "hi", and then we'll see what you do."

In reality, Boomo is nothing more than a fake tough guy. Industry sources say he lives mostly broke in a small Kansas town. He's all bark and no bite.

His real name is Matt Collier and his Facebook bio says he's a former greeter at Kmart. You can't make this stuff up. Scrub.

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  • I’ve broke with Boomo a couple of times. Still surprised after all these years he’s using his 1992 camera to stream. It’s very tough to see what’s going on while he flashes the cards quickly. Seems to always butt heads with someone in the room every break lol.

  • Sports Card Radio is a bunch of ass sniffing dickweeds. Boomo probably smells like parrot shit and menthol cigarettes. Both parties are complete asshats, and neither should be anywhere near the hobby.

  • oh and also, the above photo where i fat fingered a redemption, was cleared up immediately and in print but of course since a photo exists lets keep running it and make it look like i was being shady. go find the video, i never even look at it. go watch teh video where i go out and dump an entire bag of trash on my apt floor to find a 20 dollar redemption i missed. lol, mind numbing how you are now part of an elite group if morons who just make up lies.

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