1888 Vintage Allen & Ginter Joseph Mulvey Tobacco Card

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1888 Vintage Joseph Mulvey Allen Ginter Tobacco Card

1888 Vintage Allen & Ginter
Joseph Mulvey Tobacco Card
12 Year MLB Career

  • 3B
  • 1,059 Hits
  • .261 BA

Vintage Allen & Ginter Tobacco Cards are some of the most rare vintage cards in the hobby.

John Allen & Major Ginter were the founders of Allen and Ginter, a tobacco manufacturing company.
In 1875, they started the first tobacco trading cards.

These early cards featured Baseball players, Indian Chiefs, and Boxers.

Later sets would have famous actresses and movie stars. Other sports were also represented, specifically Cricket and Football.

John Allen and Major Ginter created over 80 sets of Allen & Ginter Baseball Cards during 1885-1890

The 1888 Allen & Ginte Set features baseball player Joseph Mulvey.

Mulvey, a third basemen, played 12 seasons in the MLB.

Check out Mulvey’s career statistics.

Check the price of these old vintage Allen & Ginter cards! A Mulvey sells for over $1,000!

Check to see if any Joseph Mulvey Vintage Allen & Ginter cards sell on eBay.

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