1999 Upper Deck SP Authentic Football Box Checklist

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1999 Upper Deck SP Authentic Football Hobby Box

1999 SP Authentic Football

By The Box:

24 Packs Per Box – 5 Cards Per Pack

1 Players Ink Autograph Per Box

Features: Donovan McNabb RC Cards

1999 SP Authentic Football
Base Set
SP Excitement #/250
SP Gold #/25

1 Jake Plummer
2 Adrian Murrell
3 Frank Sanders
4 Jamal Anderson
5 Chris Chandler
6 Terance Mathis
7 Priest Holmes
8 Jermaine Lewis
9 Antowain Smith
10 Doug Flutie
11 Eric Moulds
12 Muhsin Muhammad
13 Tshimanga Biakabutuka
14 Wesley Walls
15 Curtis Enis
16 Bobby Engram
17 Corey Dillon
18 Darnay Scott
19 Terry Kirby
20 Ty Detmer
21 Troy Aikman
22 Michael Irvin
23 Emmitt Smith
24 Terrell Davis
25 Brian Griese
26 Rod Smith
27 Shannon Sharpe
28 Barry Sanders
29 Charlie Batch
30 Herman Moore
31 Johnnie Morton
32 Brett Favre
33 Antonio Freeman
34 Dorsey Levens
35 Mark Chmura
36 Peyton Manning
37 Marvin Harrison
38 Mark Brunell
39 Fred Taylor
40 Jimmy Smith
41 Elvis Grbac
42 Andre Rison
43 Dan Marino
44 O.J. McDuffie
45 Yatil Green
46 Randall Cunningham
47 Randy Moss
48 Robert Smith
49 Cris Carter
50 Drew Bledsoe
51 Ben Coates
52 Terry Glenn
53 Eddie Kennison
54 Cam Cleeland
55 Ike Hilliard
56 Gary Brown
57 Kerry Collins
58 Vinny Testaverde
59 Keyshawn Johnson
60 Wayne Chrebet
61 Curtis Martin
62 Tim Brown
63 Napoleon Kaufman
64 Charles Woodson
65 Duce Staley
66 Charles Johnson
67 Kordell Stewart
68 Jerome Bettis
69 Marshall Faulk
70 Isaac Bruce
71 Trent Green
72 Jim Harbaugh
73 Junior Seau
74 Natrone Means
75 Steve Young
76 Jerry Rice
77 Terrell Owens
78 Lawrence Phillips
79 Joey Galloway
80 Ricky Watters
81 Jon Kitna
82 Warrick Dunn
83 Trent Dilfer
84 Mike Alstott
85 Eddie George
86 Steve McNair
87 Yancey Thigpen
88 Brad Johnson
89 Skip Hicks
90 Michael Westbrook

1999 SP Authentic Football
Future Watch RC Cards
SP Excitement #/250
SP Gold #/25

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Cards Serial #/1999

91 Ricky Williams
92 Tim Couch
93 Akili Smith
94 Edgerrin James
95 Donovan McNabb
96 Torry Holt
97 Cade McNown
98 Shaun King
99 Daunte Culpepper
100 Brock Huard
101 Chris Claiborne
102 James Johnson
103 Rob Konrad
104 Peerless Price
105 Kevin Faulk
106 Andy Katzenmoyer
107 Troy Edwards
108 Kevin Johnson
109 Michael Cloud
110 David Boston
111 Champ Bailey
112 D’Wayne Bates
113 Joe Germaine
114 Antoine Winfield
115 Fernando Bryant
116 Jevon Kearse
117 Chris McAlister
118 Brandon Stokley
119 Karsten Bailey
120 Daylon McCutcheon
121 Jermaine Fazande
122 Joel Makovicka
123 Ebenezer Ekuban
124 Joe Montgomery
125 Sean Bennett
126 Na Brown
127 De’Mond Parker
128 Sedrick Irvin
129 Terry Jackson
130 Jeff Paulk
131 Cecil Collins
132 Bobby Collins
133 Amos Zereoue
134 Travis McGriff
135 Larry Parker
136 Wane McGarity
137 Cecil Martin
138 Al Wilson
139 Jim Kleinsasser
140 Dat Nguyen
141 Marty Booker
142 Reggie Kelly
143 Scott Covington
144 Antuan Edwards
144 Antwan Edwards
145 Craig Yeast

1999 Upper Deck SP Authentic Donovan McNabb RC Card

1999 SP Authentic Football
Players Ink:
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AF-A Antonio Freeman
AS-A Akili Smith
BH-A Brock Huard
BJ-A Brad Johnson
BR-A Mark Brunell
CB-A Champ Bailey
CD-A Corey Dillon
CH-A Charlie Batch
CL-A Michael Cloud
CM-A Cade McNown
DB-A David Boston
DC-A Daunte Culpepper
DF-A Doug Flutie
DM-A Dan Marino
DR-A Drew Bledsoe
ED-A Ed McCaffrey
EG-A Eddie George
EJ-A Edgerrin James
EM-A Eric Moulds
HM-A Herman Moore
JA-A Jamal Anderson
JB-A Jerome Bettis
JG-A Joey Galloway
JP-A Jake Plummer
JR-A Jerry Rice
KF-A Kevin Faulk
MB-A Michael Bishop
MF-A Marshall Faulk
NM-A Natrone Means
PM-A Peyton Manning
RM-A Randy Moss
RW-A Ricky Williams
SK-A Shaun King
SM-A Jamal Anderson
SS-A Shannon Sharpe
TA-A Troy Aikman
TB-A Tim Brown
TC-A Tim Couch
TD-A Terrell Davis
TE-A Troy Edwards
TH-a Torry Holt
TO-A Terrell Owens
WC-A Wayne Chrebet
WD-A Warrick Dunn

1999 Upper Deck SP Authentic Players Ink EG-A Eddie George Card

1999 Upper Deck SP Authentic Players Ink Daunte Culpepper Card

1999 SP Authentic Football
Rookie Blitz
 RB1 Edgerrin James
RB2 Tim Couch
RB3 Daunte Culpepper
RB4 Champ Bailey
RB5 Donovan Mc Nabb
RB5 Donovan McNabb
RB6 Kevin Johnson
RB7 Shaun King
RB8 Peerless Price
RB9 David Boston
RB10 Ricky Williams
RB11 Akili Smith
RB12 Kevin Faulk
RB13 D’Wayne Bates
RB14 Brock Huard
RB15 Rob Konrad
RB16 Torry Holt
RB17 Troy Edwards
RB18 Cade Mc Nown
RB18 Cade McNown
RB19 Cecil Collins

1999 SP Authentic Football
Buy Back Autographs 1:576
Cards #/Varies

1 Troy Aikman
2 Troy Aikman
3 Troy Aikman
4 Troy Aikman
5 Troy Aikman
6 Troy Aikman
7 Troy Aikman
8 Troy Aikman
9 Troy Aikman
10 Jamal Anderson
11 Jamal Anderson
12 Jamal Anderson
13 Jerome Bettis
14 Jerome Bettis
15 Jerome Bettis
16 Jerome Bettis
17 Jerome Bettis
18 Jerome Bettis
19 Jerome Bettis
20 Drew Bledsoe
21 Drew Bledsoe
22 Drew Bledsoe
23 Drew Bledsoe
24 Drew Bledsoe
25 Drew Bledsoe
26 Drew Bledsoe
27 Drew Bledsoe
28 Drew Bledsoe
29 Drew Bledsoe
30 Tim Brown
31 Tim Brown
32 Tim Brown
33 Tim Brown
34 Tim Brown
35 Mark Brunell
36 Mark Brunell
37 Mark Brunell
38 Mark Brunell
39 Wayne Chrebet
40 Wayne Chrebet
44 Warrick Dunn
45 Marshall Faulk
46 Marshall Faulk
47 Marshall Faulk
48 Marshall Faulk
49 Marshall Faulk
50 Marshall Faulk
51 Joey Galloway
52 Joey Galloway
53 Joey Galloway
54 Joey Galloway
55 Eddie George
56 Eddie George
57 Eddie George
58 Eddie George
59 Brad Johnson
60 Peyton Manning
61 Peyton Manning
62 Dan Marino
63 Dan Marino
64 Dan Marino
65 Dan Marino
66 Dan Marino
67 Dan Marino
68 Natrone Means
69 Herman Moore
70 Herman Moore
71 Herman Moore
72 Herman Moore
73 Herman Moore
74 Herman Moore
75 Jake Plummer
76 Jerry Rice
77 Jerry Rice
78 Jerry Rice
79 Jerry Rice
80 Jerry Rice
81 Jerry Rice
82 Jerry Rice
83 Jerry Rice

1999 SP Authentic Football
Maximum Impact1999 SP Authentic Football
Head Quarters1999 SP Authentic Football
The New Classics 1999 SP Authentic Football
SP Athletic
MI1 Jerry Rice
MI2 Eddie George
MI3 Marshall Faulk
MI4 Keyshawn Johnson
MI5 Terrell Davis
MI6 Warrick Dunn
MI7 Jerome Bettis
MI8 Drew Bledsoe
MI9 Curtis Martin
MI10 Brett Favre

HQ1 Brett Favre
HQ2 Jake Plummer
HQ3 Charlie Batch
HQ4 Akili Smith
HQ5 Troy Aikman
HQ6 Drew Bledsoe
HQ7 Dan Marino
HQ8 Jon Kitna
HQ9 Mark Brunell
HQ10 Tim Couch

NC1 Steve McNair
NC2 Jon Kitna
NC3 Curtis Enis
NC4 Peyton Manning
NC5 Fred Taylor
NC6 Randy Moss
NC7 Donovan McNabb
NC8 Terrell Owens
NC9 Keyshawn Johnson
NC10 Ricky Williams

A1 Randy Moss
A2 Steve McNair
A3 Jamal Anderson
A4 Curtis Martin
A5 Kordell Stewart
A6 Barry Sanders
A7 Fred Taylor
A8 Doug Flutie
A9 Emmitt Smith
A10 Steve Young

1999 SP Authentic Football
SP Supremacy  

S1 Terrell Davis
S2 Joey Galloway
S3 Dan Marino
S4 Brett Favre
S5 Emmitt Smith
S6 Barry Sanders
S7 Curtis Martin
S8 Jamal Anderson
S9 Jake Plummer
S10 Randy Moss
S11 Tim Couch
S12 Peyton Manning
S13 Emmitt Smith

1999 SP Authentic Football
UD Authentics Signature
WPA #/100 WPJ #/34

  • WPA-SP Walter Payton
  • WPJ-SP Walter Payton

In its day, 1999 SP Authentic Football was one of the hottest football sets during the era. Ricky Williams, even Akili Smith and Cade McNown rookie cards #/1999 sold for big money. Looking back, Donovan McNabb and Champ Bailey had the best careers. The serial ## Rookie Card became a mainstay in the hobby during this period of collecting. 1999 SP Authentic Football also features Players Ink autograph cards – which were highly collected during the day, in fact while putting up this checklist I remember selling an Edgerrin James for over $200 on eBay.


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