2010-11 Panini NBA Basketball Sticker Album + Pack

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2010-11 Panini NBA Sticker Album

2010-11 Panini NBA Stickers
Pack Break Date: April 12, 2011

NBA Sticker Pack – $1.00 at Target
NBA Sticker Album – $2.00 at Target

This is clearly one of the best values at the retail level because you can walk away with a sticker album – which includes 6 stickers – for $2.00 and a pack of 8 stickers for only $1.00.  For $3.00 total you could have fun putting together your collection and checking out the stats of your favorite players. There are over 375 stickers in the entire set so it would take you a fair amount of time to complete the set if you are trying to accomplish that task.

About 8 players from each team have individual stickers and many other types of stickers are available as well including: Team Logos, Finals and All-Star Game Logos, Kobe Bryant Finals Match-Up stickers and many more. If you enjoy cards and stickers these are a must. Even if you don’t pick up the album, 8 stickers for $1.00 is hard to beat!

2010-11 Panini NBA Stickers Evan Turner Rookie RC

2010-11 Panini NBA Stickers Bill Walker2010-11 Panini NBA Sticker Album Chicago Bulls

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