2005 Sage Autographed Football Box Checklist

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2005 Sage Autographed Football Box

2005 Sage Autographed Football
Release Date: May 2005

1 Autograph or Jersey Per Pack
12 Packs Per Box – 3 Cards Per Pack
No Redemption Cards – Safe Box Break

Best Price: .99 DACardWorld on eBay

2005 Sage Autograph Checklist
All Base Cards are same # as Auto w/o letter (A)
Note: Cards #52-54 Do Not Have Auto’s
1 Autograph or Jersey Per Pack

Autograph Card Odds:

  • Red: #/999 or less
  • Bronze: #/650 or less
  • Silver: #/400 or less
  • Gold: #/200 or less
  • Platinum: #/50 or less
  • Player Proof: #/20
  • M.E.: #/1


2005 Sage Autgograph Brandon Jacobs Bronze RC

A1 Derek Anderson
A2 J.J. Arrington
A3 Marion Barber III
A4 Brock Berlin
A5 Jammal Brown
A6 Reggie Brown
A7 Ronnie Brown
A8 Jason Campbell
A9 Mark Clayton
A10 Channing Crowder
A11 Anthony Davis
A12 Josh Davis
A13 Thomas Davis
A14 Ciatrick Fason
A15 Ryan Fitzpatrick
A16 Charlie Frye
A17 Fred Gibson
A18 Jonathan Goddard
A19 Frank Gore
A20 David Greene
A21 Kay-Jay Harris
A22 Marlin Jackson
A23 Brandon Jacobs
A24 Derrick Johnson
A25 Matt Jones
A26 T.A. McLendon
A27 Adrian McPherson
A28 Justin Miller
A29 Vernand Morency
A30 Terrence Murphy
A31 Dan Orlovsky
A32 Kyle Orton
A33 Roscoe Parrish
A34 Brodney Pool
A35 Dante Ridgeway
A36 Chris Rix
A37 Aaron Rodgers
A38 Carlos Rogers
A39 J.R. Russell
A40 Alex Smith (TE)
A41 Alex Smith (49ers)
A42 Taylor Stubblefield
A43 Craphonso Thorpe
A44 Andrew Walter
A45 Demarcus Ware
A46 Fabian Washington
A47 Corey Webster
A48 Jason White
A49 Roddy White
A50 Cadillac Williams
A51 Troy Williamson
52 Maurice Clarett
53 Ben Roethlisberger
54 Antrel Rolle

2005 Sage Jersey Checklist
1 Autograph or Jersey Per Pack

Jersey Card Odds:

  • Red: #/99
  • Bronze: #/75
  • Silver: #/50
  • Gold: #/25
  • Platinum: #/50 or less
  • Jersey/Auto Combo #/10
  • Player Proof: #/20
  • M.E.: #/1

2005 Sage JJ Arrington Jersey Gold /25

J1 J.J. Arrington
J2 Ronnie Brown
J3 Jason Campbell
J4 Mark Clayton
J5 Anthony Davis
J6 Ciatrick Fason
J7 Charlie Frye
J8 Fred Gibson
J9 Frank Gore
J10 David Greene
J11 Kay-Jay Harris
J12 Adrian McPherson
J13 Vernand Morency
J14 Dan Orlovsky
J15 Kyle Orton
J16 Roscoe Parrish
J17 Chris Rix
J18 Aaron Rodgers
J19 Alex Smith (49ers)
J20 Taylor Stubblefield
J21 Craphonso Thorpe
J22 Andrew Walter
J23 Jason White
J24 Cadillac Williams

2005 Sage Dual Jerseys
1 Autograph or Jersey Per Pack

Dual Jersey Card Odds:

  • Base: #/99
  • Rare: #/10

2005 Sage Dual Jersey Roy Williams

JJ1 Alex Smith/Ronnie Brown
JJ2 Alex Smith/Aaron Rodgers
JJ3 Alex Smith/Jason Campbell
JJ4 Aaron Rodgers/Jason Campbell
JJ5 Ronnie Brown/Cadillac Williams
JJ6 Ronnie Brown/Jason Campbell
JJ7 Cadillac Williams/Jason Campbell
JJ8 Aaron Rodgers/J.J. Arrington
JJ9 Chris Rix/Craphonso Thorpe
JJ10 Chris Rix/Adrian McPherson
JJ11 Craphonso Thorpe/Adrian McPherson
JJ12 David Greene/Fred Gibson
JJ13 Roscoe Parrish/Frank Gore
JJ14 Mark Clayton/Jason White
JJ15 Kyle Orton/Taylor Stubblefield
JJ16 Alex Smith/Jason White
JJ17 David Greene/T. Stubblefield
JJ18 Aaron Rodgers/Andrew Walter
JJ19 Ben Roethlisberger/C. Frye
JJ20 Eli Manning/Alex Smith
JJ21 Ben Gordon/Dan Orlovsky
JJ22 Emeka Okafor/Dan Orlovsky
JJ23 Diana Taurasi/Dan Orlovsky
JJ24 Devin Harris/Anthony Davis
JJ25 Lee Evans/Roscoe Parrish
JJ26 Maurice Clarett/Tatum Bell
JJ27 Roy Williams/Dan Orlovsky
JJ28 Kevin Jones/Dan Orlovsky
JJ29 Devery Henderson/Adrian McPherson
JJ30 Ben Roethlisberger/Fred Gibson
JJ31 Alex Smith/Frank Gore
JJ32 Rashaun Woods/Alex Smith
JJ33 Tatum Bell/Vernand Morency
JJ34 Lee Evans/Anthony Davis
JJ35 Eli Manning/Jason Campbell
JJ36 Ben Roethlisberger/Alex Smith

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  • I have a 2005 autographed sage hit #8 aaron rodgers. It’s not a blue, silver or gold. Can’t find this card on any list. Do you have any information on this card? Thanks,Pat

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