2008 Upper Deck Exquisite Football Base Set Checklist and Review

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Upper Deck Exquisite Football Base Set Checklist

2008 Upper Deck Exquisite Football

Base Set

  • 100 Total Cards
  • All Cards Serial #/75

Upper Deck Exquisite Football Single Cards

Upper Deck Exquisite Football Base Cards are worth taking a look at as a collector. Not only do they have a low serial number (#/75) but the checklist is only 100 cards deep meaning its only top NFL football players.

Based on some eBay auctions these are probably some of the highest priced “Base” cards you can buy mainly because they come from a $500+ priced product.

If you are a single card collector these are great additions to your favorite team or player PC.  Remember that there are only a handful of these to go around so you better try to get one before they start drying up. Typically you can wait to get your hands on most cards, but because Exquisite Football is a popular set, you might be better off trying to buy the cards you need as early as possible.

Set builders and collectors might also have fun trying to put together the UD Exquisite Football Base Set because it would be far more affordable than trying the other cards in the set. Plus the value of the complete base set would hold its value over time because of the low serial number, the tradition of Exquisite Football with collectors and the high prices that the RC Cards get on eBay.

Some of eBay’s Best 2008 UD Exquisite Football Base Cards
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