2009 Exquisite Michael Crabtree 4 Color Patch Auto

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2009 UD Exquisite Michael Crabtree
– 4 Color Patch Autograph Rookie Card –

Serial Number 84/99
Sold For: $430.00 – March 2010

I love the looks of this 2009 Upper Deck Exquisite Patch Auto RC of Michael Crabtree. Spectacular 4 color patch and serial numbered 84/99. As far as the $430.00 price tag, it might be a little high due to the fact that this was one of the first 2009 Exquisite Michael Crabtree cards to hit eBay. Here are some examples of 2008 UD Exquisite Patch RC’s to get a gauge on just how high Crabtree’s stock is right now with some collectors.

DeSean Jackson 2008 Exquisite – Eagles WR – Sold on 01/28/2009 $152.50 (3 Clr Sp /75)

Andre Caldwell 2008 Exquisite – Bengals WR – Sold on 01/31/2010 $27.09 (Sp /75 3 Color)

The price of the Crabtree 2009 Exquisite should come way down as more hit the market. The 49ers’ jerseys are very colorful and that will make for some very nice 3 and 4 color patch Crabtree Rookies. He looked very good at times with the 49ers this past season, and it should also be noted that he missed all of training camp while negotiating his first NFL contract.  If Alex Smith can prove to be a legitimate starting QB, that will only help Crabtree’s numbers and the value of his rookie cards.  See what his 09 UD Exquisite cards are now selling for now:

2009 Upper Deck Exquisite Michael Crabtree RC

2009 UD Exquisite Football Michael Crabtree

Sold For: $430.00 – March 2010 – 1st One on eBay – Thanks to Sports Card Report for information

Update: The Michael Crabtree Exquisite love is gaining momentum. Another, very nice 4 color patch autograph 10/99 sold for $485.00 on a buy it now. Never know if the transaction actually goes through on auction sites, but the prices are coming in on the high side so far. Anyone who bought a box and pulled a Crabtree RC can now make up a very large portion of the box price if they choose to sell. Most boxes of 2009 Exquisite Football are selling for around $500 per box during the first week of release.

2009 Michael Crabtree Exquisite Patch Autograph

Sold For: $485.00 – March 2010 – 2nd One on eBay – Thanks to Sports Card Report for information

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