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One of the coolest things about having the ability to purchase wholesale items to re-sell is that the possibilities are endless to what you can sell. Why people in this business only try selling low margin and frequently hot/cold sports cards is beyond me. The odds of you making any real money are slim to none if you just stick with cards. The sports collectibles market is filled with licensed branded goods that fans pay good money (especially if the team wins a Super Bowl or Championship).

You might ask, why am I giving this information out and not selling the items myself? Well, that’s a good point – and I guess you get what you pay for on the internet. However, I actually sold most of these items about 10 years ago online (eBay) & in a store. I bought almost all my fan items from a company that manufactures and distributes licensed products at affordable prices. Personally, I’m into more asset-less type investments these days, and you learn over the years that rich people tend to all make money the same way. Not to mention the process of buying/selling/packing/shipping does get quite tiresome. So there are some drawbacks to diversifying your revenue streams (and the retail business model itself), but it’s always good having an extra way to make money – especially if you are buying & selling already.

License Plate Covers – These sell great, and they are pretty cheap wholesale. People like the metal ones, but the plastic ones sell well too. If I remember correctly, the wholesale on the plastic ones was about $1.25 and you can sell them for $4.99 pretty much all day long.

Seattle Seahawks Metal License Plate Cover

Lanyards – I must admit, I’ve never used a lanyard before, but I sure do see quite a few hanging out of people’s pockets. Need proof that these babies sell? This seller sold $633.00 dollars worth (that’s just lanyards) from February 19 – May 19, 2013.

San Francisco 49ers NFL Lanyard

Decals/Stickers – For most people, spending $30,000 on a car is not a enough, they need a sweet looking decal of their favorite team on the back. Not only that, once you put a decal on something, you’re not taking it off – so the chance of repeat business is high. Speaking of business, this eBay seller sold over $350 dollars worth (of NFL decals) from February 19 – May 19, 2013. Pretty good for the off-season.

NY Giants Logo Sticker

Signs – People love putting up a team sign in the garage, office, or just around the house. They also make easy and affordable gifts on just about any budget. Looks like some sellers have been doing really well recently selling these NFL wood fan cave signs for $19.99 each all day. (Hint: The same distributor I link at the top of the page is the one that makes these, I think they are about $9.00 each wholesale back when I was buying them).

Raiders NFL Sign

Flags – Fans love putting these up on game-day, or they can look good just hanging on the wall. There are garden flags, car flags, banner type flags and more. Also, the babies fade (or they get stolen if you live where I do) when you leave them outside, so there’s always a chance for a repeat buyer.

Colts Fan Flag

That’s five ideas for you, there are 1,000’s of possibilities when you start talking about the NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, College, NASCAR, Olympics and more. Team branded stuff never goes out of style (like players and most trading cards) … so even if it sits in your inventory for a while, it’s not depreciating much in value. Not to mention you can order about as much of this stuff as you’d like – unlike hot sports card releases which are often allocated or sell-out quickly.


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