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On today’s podcast we talk about the 2 new 2013 NFL sets from Panini & Topps that were released recently.

Both draw on the brands history, with Topps being almost a complete re-make set, and Score having the 25th anniversary ‘green’ rookie cards that have been popular since their release in 1989. Score has tons of new rookies & signatures, while the Topps set only contains Montee Ball and Matt Barkley (plus a Mystery player). Archives feels more like a 2012 set with some XRC redemptions, while Score football might have more rookies & rookie autographs than any set that gets released all year.

The 2013 NFL Rookie Premiere happened. Here are the teams that have multiple rookies:

49ers – 3
Bills – 3
Cowboys – 3
Steelers – 3
Bengals – 2
Cardinals – 2
Chargers – 2
Dolphins – 2
Eagles – 2
Packers – 2
Rams – 2

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2013 Score Football #441 Leon Sandcastle

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