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2010/11 Panini Donruss Basketball Hobby Box

2010/11 Donruss Basketball Box Break

When: January 8, 2010

Total Number Of Entries: 56 Fan Forum Members

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2010/11 Donruss Basketball Checklist


This type of product (under $75 for a hobby box) really gets me excited to see what I can get inside. With 3 ‘hits’ and 1 being an autograph – I truly feel this is one of the best value sets Panini has put together for basketball.

There is a cool mix of current, HOF and rookie NBA players in this set. In fact, all of our ‘hits’ were non-rookies. The die-cuts on some of the cards are a nice added touch, and I saw a curved die-cut, an interesting die-cut on the Masters insert set and a more diagonal die-cut on the Production Line inserts. You’ll also find Emerald Donruss logo on some cards instead of silver – so there was some attention to detail during the design of this set as well. You’ll also find ‘Rated Rookies’ for the first time in Basketball – which fall at about 1 per pack … sometimes more. (We got John Wall, Evan Turner and many others)

Usually when a box doesn’t cost over $80 – you lack serial numbers inserts, quality jersey hits, and overall lack of fun when opening a box goes down a bit. I would say this box delivers $120 excitement with a $70 price tag. You have a chance at some real nice autographs – and the parallels, inserts and die-cuts make opening each pack really exciting. Some people might not like all the sticker autographs – but I actually like them in a product like this to keep the price down for everyone … and save the on-card stuff for more expensive products like Timeless Treasures and National Treasures. Plus the stickers allow for the checklist to be deeper – and for there to be at least 1 autograph per box. Not only that, we pulled an Artis Gilmore Autograph Jersey card – how often do you pull a (should be)* hall of fame basketball player out of a product that cost $2.99 a pack or less? Doesn’t happen very often in any sports these days.

Whenever we get product from Panini – I always say to myself …. I sure hope they benefit from this as much as Sports Card Radio & our fans do. Well, after opening this box … I just might have to buy another one! Seriously, if the price is around $75 for a full hobby box – expect another contest. There is value here besides the hits – as I’ve seen Press Proofs and Rookies + other rare parallel cards sell for $20+ online. There is always the chance you can hit a Kobe, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson or John Wall autograph – so the excitement  is unmatched for boxes in this price range….especially compared to baseball which usually gives you 1 hit per box for this price.

As a former shop ower – I probably could have sold out of something like this … as the kids can afford it, and there is enough fire power with the autograph checklist to get the big spenders to try some as well. I love big patches and on card autographs … but not everyone can afford $20 a pack or $150+ boxes. These types of products hopefully sell well enough for Panini – because I feel collectors are getting a good value from 2010/11 Donruss Basketball. If you collect basketball cards … or just like good deals like me, I think you’ll like 10/11 Donruss Basketball by the box over similar priced products across all sports.

*Artis Gilmore averaged 22.3 points and 17.1 rebounds in the ABA and 17.1 points & 10.1 rebounds per game in the NBA. He is 1st all time in NBA field goal percentage.

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