2010 Leaf MMA Trading Cards UFC Checklist

2010 Leaf MMA

Release Date: October 8, 2010

  • 1 Autograph Per Pack
  • 12 Boxes per Case
  • 8 Packs per Box
  • 8 Cards per Pack

2010 Leaf MMA Logo

This set was originally branded – 2010 Razor MMA – but Razor Collectibles got the trademark to Leaf and will now be known under that name. Leaf….. er….. Razor hyped that they have been working nearly a year on this set.  It will feature over 100 fighters from across the globe including some who fight in the UFC. 40 fighters will be making their very first appearance on a trading card.

The best part about 2010 Leaf MMA is that each pack will have an autographed card. With 8 packs per box, you’ll come away with some solid autographs to add to your MMA collection. The popularity of past Topps UFC sets, including the 2010 version has caught the eye of card companies looking to cash in on a new hot sport. The UFC is growing by the day, and other smaller organizations like Strike Force are gaining in popularity and signing top fighters as well. Look for Topps and Leaf to continue to bring many more unique fighting cards to the market in the coming years.

2010 Leaf MMA – Base Set Checklist
7 Base Cards Per Pack

  • All cards have autograph parallel

2010 Leaf MMA Forrest Griffin Base Card

1 Fedor Emelianenko
2 Junior dos Santos
3 Jeremy Stephens
4 Roy Big Country Nelson
5 Josh Thomson
6 Masanori Kanehara
7 Kevin Randleman
8 Jon Jones
9 Rodrigo Damm
10 Gina Carano
11 Sergio Gomez
12 Efrain Escudero
13 Greg Jackson
14 Mike Goldberg
15 Josh Koscheck
16 Guy Mezger
17 Hermes Franca
18 Jamie Varner
19 Mac Danzig
20 Lyoto Machida
21 Roxanne Modafferi
22 Muhammed King Mo Lawal
23 Gerald Harris
24 Thales Leites
25 Chuck Liddell
26 Bob Sapp
27 Yoshiyuki Zenko Yoshida
28 Heath Herring
29 Luiz Cane
30 Anderson Silva
31 Melvin Gullard
32 Rich Franklin
33 Eliot Marshall
34 Rafael Feljao Cavalcante
35 Jon Fitch
36 Donald Cowboy Cerrone
37 Takeya Mizugaki
38 Gabriel Gonzaga
39 Josh Burkman
40 Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
41 Kenji Osawa
42 Shane Carwin
43 Chris Camozzi
44 Paulo Filho
45 John McCarthy
46 Sanae kikuta
47 Nick Thompson
48 Clay Guida
49 Jim Miller
50 Brock Lesnar
51 Hitomi Akano
52 Mike Massenzio
53 Ben Rothwell
54 Mario Miranda
55 Gray Maynard
56 Mamed Khalidov
57 Dave Pee Wee Herman
58 Chris Leben
59 Dan Miller
60 Cain Velasquez
61 Cristiano Marcello
62 Keith Jardine
63 Ben Henderson
64 Jake Shields
65 Frank Mir
66 Kazuo Misaki
67 Dan Hornbuckle
68 Anthony Njokuani
69 Jameel Massouh
70 Wanderiel Silva
71 Carina Damm
72 Sarah Kaufman
73 Alan Belcher
74 Frank Shamrock
75 Forrest Griffin
76 Akihiro Gono
77 Nate Quarry
78 Riki Fukuda
79 Daniel Acacio
80 Sean Sherk
81 Brittney Palmer
82 Seth Baczynski
83 Jose Aldo
84 Fabricio Camoes
85 Bruce Buffer
86 Rob Kaman
87 Leonard Garcia
88 Eddie Alvarez
89 Assuerio Silva
90 Mike Swick
91 Brian Geraghty
92 Joe Brammer
93 Antonio Rogerio Nogueira
94 Chase Gormley
95 Arianny Celeste
96 Natasha Wicks
97 Krzysztof Soszynski
98 Ronys Torres
99 Takayo Hashi
100 Randy Coture

2010 Leaf MMA – Autograph Checklist
Complete Checklist Above

  • Shane Carwin
  • ‘King Mo’ Lawal
  • Lyoto Machida
  • Anderson Silva
  • Rich Franklin
  • Cain Velasquez
  • Fedor Emelianenko
  • George St. Pierre
  • Brock Lesnar
  • Randy Couture
  • Chuck Liddell
  • Forrest Griffin
  • Gina Carano
  • +Many More+

2010 Leaf MMA Fedor Emelianenko Autograph

Champions Autograph InsertsDual Autograph Cards

2010 Leaf MMA GSP Champions Autograph

#CHAN2 Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
#CHAS1 Anderson Silva
#CHBH1 Ben Henderson
#CHBL1 Brock Lesnar
#CHBR1 Ben Rothwell
#CHCG2 Clay Guida
#CHCL2 Chuck Liddell
#CHFE1 Fedor Emelianenko
#CHFG1 Forrest Griffin
#CHFM1 Frank Mir
#CHFS1 Frank Shamrock
#CHGSP Georges St-Pierre
#CHJA1 Jose Aldo
#CHJS1 Jake Shields
#CHJT1 Josh Thomson
#CHJV1 Jamie Varner
#CHKR1 Kevin Randleman
#CHKS1 Krzysztof Soszynski
#CHLM1 Lyoto Machida
#CHML1 Muhammed Lawal
#CHRC1 Randy Couture
#CHRF1 Rich Franklin
#CHRK1 Rob Kaman
#CHRN1 Roy Nelson
#CHSC1 Shane Carwin
#CHSK1 Sanae Kikuta
#CHSK2 Sarah Kaufman
#CHSS1 Sean Sherk
#CHWS1 Wanderlei Silva

2010 Leaf MMA Shane Carwin Brock Lesnar Dual Autograph

#AC1BP1 Arianny Celeste/ Brittney Palmer
#AG1KY1 Akihiro Gono/ Kazunori Yokota
#AN2AN3 Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira/ Antonio Rogerio Nogueira
#AS1JJ1 Anderson Silva/ Jon Jones
#AS2LC1 Assuerio Silva/ Luiz Cane
#BB1MG2 Bruce Buffer/ Mike Goldberg
#BG1JM2 Brian Geraghty/ Jameel Massouh
#BH1DC1 Ben Henderson/ Donald Cerrone
#BL1SC1 Brock Lesnar/ Shane Carwin
#BP1NW1 Brittney Palmer/ Natasha Wicks
#BR1KS1 Ben Rothwell/ Krzysztof Soszynski
#CL1MK1 Chris Leben/ Mamed Khalidov
#CM1DA1 Cristiano Marcello/ Daniel Acacio
#CV1JDS Cain Velasquez/ Junior dos Santos
#DC1AN1 Donald Cerrone/ Anthony Njokuani
#DC1GJ1 Donald Cerrone/ Greg Jackson
#DH1NT1 Dan Hornbuckle/ Nick Thompson
#DH2SG1 Dave Herman/ Sergio Gomez
#DM1MM2 Dan Miller/ Mike Massenzio
#EA1NQ1 Eddie Alvarez/ Nate Quarry
#EM1TM1 Elji Mitsuoka/ Takeya Mizugaki
#FE1BL1 Fedor Emelianenko/ Brock Lesnar
#GG1RD1 Gabriel Gonzaga/ Rodrigo Damm
#GJ1KJ1 Greg Jackson/ Keith Jardine
#GJ1LG1 Greg Jackson/ Leonard Garcia
#HA1TH1 Hitomi Akano/ Takayo Hashi
#HF1RT1 Hermes Franca/ Ronys Torres
#JB2MG1 Josh Burkman/ Melvin Guillard
#JM1DM1 Jim Miller/ Dan Miller
#JM1MD1 Jim Miller/ Mac Danzig
#KM1RF2 Kazuo Misaki/ Riki Fukuda
#KO1MK2 Kenji Osawa/ Masanori Kanehara
#RD1CD1 Rodrigo Damm/ Carina Damm
#RM1CD1 Roxanne Modafferi/ Carina Damm
#SC1FM1 Shane Carwin/ Frank Mir
#SK1YY1 Sanae Kikuta/ Yoshiyuki Yoshida

  • Also look for Quad Autograph Cards
  • Parallel Autograph Cards
  • 1/1 Autograph Parallel Cards


Here is the old sell sheet before the name change from Razor to Leaf


2010 Razor MMA Sell Sheet

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