Top 10 Hottest Football Cards July 2010

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July 2010

1 – Aaron Rodgers Rookie & Autographed Cards ~ Last Month (8)

I know that the Packers have a huge fan base, but I’ve been very surprised that in the last month Rodgers has had a lot of high end rookie cards hit eBay and they are always some of the most watched football cards.  An autograph rookie card will cost you several hundred dollars and that has trickled down to boost the value of his more common rookies.

On July 27th a 2005 Playoff Contenders Aaron Rodgers Autograph RC sold for $265.00. By comparison, an ’05 Alex Smith Contenders Auto sells for about $50.00.

Aaron Rodgers Sweet Spot Helmet Autograph RC

2 – Tim Tebow Autograph Rookie Cards ~ Last Month (1)

Tebow gets bumped off the #1 spot this month, but with the preseason looming, it will be interesting to see how he fairs in game action. If he looks good, it could send the prices for his rookie cards much higher. Autographs still sell for around $100.00 which is significantly higher then QB’s who have been picked late in the 1st round in years past. It’s a credit to just how passionate Tebow’s fan base is and collectors will be eagerly anticipating his NFL debut.

The only Tebow rookie cards out right now are from Panini, Sage and Press Pass. Topps will get into the game later this month with a trio of releases, Topps Series 1, Finest, and Platinum. Upper Deck will also produce Tebow CLC NCAA cards later in the year.

2010 Press Pass Tim Tebow 08 Champs Autograph

3 – Matthew Stafford Rookie Cards ~ Last Month (NR)

Back from the dead are the Detroit Lions and 2nd year QB Matthew Stafford’s cards have been popping on eBay the last two months. I almost put him on the hot list last month and I should have, because consistently I’ve seen his 2009 Sp Authentic and Exquisite rookie cards at the top of the charts.

The Lions appear to be greatly improved going into the new season with some help on defense and added depth at RB with rookie Jahvid Best. Stafford had some moments in 2009 where he looked good, and more specifically, he stood in the pocket and took a pounding and kept getting up. He’s got a good arm, now he needs a good offensive line, and some good coaching in Detroit to get things turned around.

2009 Score Matthew Safford Rookie RC

4 – High End Walter Payton Cards ~ Last Month (2)

The legend of Walter Payton just rolls along for another month. Many of his high grade 1976 Topps Rookie cards were available in July on eBay and some sellers were able to cash in. Payton was well respected by his fellow players and collectors are drawn to his cards even if they are not Bears fans. Who wouldn’t want to pull a Walter Payton cut autograph or a memorabilia card out of a box?

Inkredible Walter Payton Autograph /34

5 – Ray Rice 2008 Bowman Chrome Auto Superfractor 1/1 ~ Last Month (NR)

Ray Rice is primed for a big season for the Baltimore Ravens and late last month his Superfractor autograph was for sale on eBay and hit the four figure mark. It also was the most watched football card during it’s last several days at auction, peaking at 105 total watchers.

2008 Ray Rice Bowman Chrome Superfractor 1/1
Watchers: 105
Final Price: $1,155.55
Auction Ended: July 28

6 – High End Brett Favre Cards ~ Last Month (5)

Is he coming back?? Everyday it’s a new story, a new…. text message….. My bet is that he does return, and will probably once again play at a very high level. The Vikings have a very good team, and have added some weapons during the off season to help them get over the hump and make it to the Super Bowl.

Prices for Farve’s autograph has steadily climbed the last several years as he dances with retirement every year but then decides he has got enough gas left in the tank. He is concerned about a balky ankle that required surgery and the last reports were that if healthy, he was going to give it a go in 2010.

Brett Favre Jets Autograph

7 – 2009 Upper Deck SP Authentic Rookie Cards ~ Last Month (3)

Collectors have continued buying 2009 Sp Authentic singles on eBay and the nice selection of autograph patch rookie cards are the primary draw. The most popular rookies in July have been Matthew Stafford, Percy Harvin and Mark Sanchez. Jets RB Shonn Greene and Cowboys RB Felix Jones have also been getting their fair share of hobby love with the hopes each will get increased playing time.

It will be interesting to see if Upper Deck continues the Sp Authentic line when they exclusively make CLC NCAA cards in 2010. I would imagine SPA and Exquisite will live on and while they will not have the same luster in years past, the card design will probably remain stellar. UD has already released details of 2010 SPx Football which will feature players in college uniforms.

2009 Sp Authentic Mark Sanchez RC Patch Auto

8 – Peyton Manning Rookie and Autographed Cards~ Last Month (6)

Even though the Colts blew their chance at an undefeated season and then lost to the Saints in the Super Bowl, sales of Peyton Manning cards have remained strong. They look to reload and get back to work at another run at the title with Peyton calling the signals again.

Peyton Manning Upper Deck Pigskin Autograph

9 – Sam Bradford Rookie Cards ~ Last Month (7)

Bradford signed his contract and got a boat load of money in St. Louis even before he takes a snap. Early reports from training camp says he looks “big, healthy and took command of the huddle.”  A St. Louis beat reporter was on KNBR 680 the other day and said that at some point this season Bradford will get playing time.

The rookie card market is okay for Bradford, his cards sell for less then Tebow’s which is a testament to Tebow’s popularity.  When he does see some game action then collectors will be able to make their own opinion of each QB.

2010 Press Pass Sam Bradford Patch Autograph RC

10 – Percy Harvin Rookie Cards ~ Last Month (9)

Harvin has LOTS of fans.  His autograph rookie cards sell for triple digits. Fans and collectors are hoping Brett Favre returns and Percy can enjoy having a hall of fame QB to get him the ball.

It’s hard for WR’s to continue to put up big numbers year after year unless they have a top QB throwing him the football. If I pulled a nice Percy Harvin card I would look to sell because I get the sense that there are a lot of passionate Harvin collectors out there willing to pay top dollar. He has a lot of talent, and is a big physical WR but he needs Favre or another top QB or his card values will take a dip.

2009 Topps Mayo Percy Harvin Autograph RC

Dropped Out: June 2010 Hot List

  • 4 – 2010 Donruss Elite Tim Tebow Status Die Cut Auto RC
  • 10 – Emmitt Smith Autographs – Game Used Cards


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