2011 Topps Attax Sports Marketing Grid

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The Topps Company will spend $1.6 Million advertising and marketing the Attax trading card game in the U.S. which it relies on to be a cash cow for its business. According to a March 2010 Wall Street Journal article Topps Attax accounts for 25% of revenue and profits for the legendary trading card company. In the United States, Baseball (MLB), Football (NFL) and Wrestling (WWE) all have products available at just about every large retail establishment that sells cards – including Target and WalMart. This marketing grid is only applicable for the U.S. because Topps does release a popular line of Attax Soccer cards abroad.

Numbers are in tens of thousands. ie: 20 = $20,000

Total Marketing $$$ = $1.6 Million


2011 Topps Attax Marketing Budget


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