2014 Las Vegas Industry Summit – From The Sofa

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 Kevin Isaacson Industry Summit
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I was able to sit on the sofa the last few days and follow the 2014 Industry Summit via twitter and all the 
“inside” sources I have …. which are none. Maybe I missed it, but I didn’t see an announcement bragging about
a ‘record breaking’ number of attendees. That’s ok – less is more often times. 

Seemed to me (from the sofa) Panini stole the show with some ‘innovative’ ideas they’ve been working on.
A patch card DB, Panini Rewards – that replaces redemption cards, and 14/15 NBA rookie cards are all things
(if Panini pulls them off) should go a long way in engaging collectors even further. 

Topps (from the sofa) seemed about the same. Said they were making less product and they are “made to order”
so I guess that means the sales are down. They plan to advertise on Nickelodian. I bet that’s not cheap. If sales are
down, it’s because your product isn’t compelling – not because you don’t have ads on Nickelodian. Good luck.

Upper Deck is 25 years old, but acts like one twice as old. At least there are signs of life in SoCal.
Don’t expect many innovations as they are just buying time to sell once that’s possible.

Group Breakers. The companies are on record they account for about 10% of sales. That’s no chump change
when you add it all up. That’s probably why I’ve been very vocal on looking for ways to legitimize that business
model. They should work together on figuring out ways they can operate without risk of breaking raffle and 
lottery laws. Trust me, 10% of $100,000,000 is enough to get a lawyer out of bed one day. 


Thanks to the tweeters from the event. My comments below are not meant to patronize their work in any way.


Day 1



After posting a sheepish apology on Leaf’s Facebook page


Day 2



 For a heck of a lot less than you think …..



 So ………. they just figured out this would be a good idea?



This is probably more difficult than making the cards bro!



That’s because it’s not selling through at retail.



 Tek wasn’t that popular back in the day, but Stadium Club was pretty cool.



Ads on TV are hard to measure, expensive and in the hands of an amateur – a great way to burn money.



Referring to a Beckett Business Solutions service. Seems like a good idea.


 I owned a card store. You can’t have employees if margins are < 10%



Where “due diligence” = who offered the most guarantee $$$$$$$$$$



Remember the NBA said similar things when Panini originally got an exclusive. Panini now releases 20+ products per year.



That’s the million dollar question – but they are only offering up 75k. 


That’s because fat cat in Italy screamed – STICKERS MAKE MONEY!!!!

          Goldin employee: my boss wants to be the Jeff Bezos of the industry (re: putting money back into company) #lvis


Amazon doesn’t make a profit. Shareholders have though ….

Day 3



That’s nice. If I spent $500 on a box of trading cards, I’d think the company would thank me.

Update: Check that, no thanks


Yes, that’s because it will be $16,000 a box.


Sweet. Hope they still do JUMBO boxes that deliver further value.


Worked well back in the early 2000’s – not sure why they don’t do this every year.


I thought I was the only person in the world who questions business models?


Hope everyone else in the business copies this.


I wonder if Kevin Isaacson would call this innovative?


Can’t say I didn’t tell all ya’ll (on August 11, 2013)


I thought they were saving the hobby!!!!!!!


I bet sales to un-opened box retailers are down similar percentages.


They say this to a group of hobby shop owners mind you.


What a great idea Topps!!!!


6 months ago was bad? Before that must be a term not appropriate for children then.


Exactly. If the product is live and there’s no CL – then you can complain.


Shows you how clueless this guy Isaacson is.


 So if you like high end hockey …. you’ve got plenty of time to save up!


Day 4

Nothing cool ever happens this day …. at the Summit that is.

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