2018 Futera Unique Premium Soccer Checklist

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2018 Futera Unique Premium Soccer

  • 18 Boxes Per Case

-4 Autographs, Memorabilia or Gold-Plated Framed Autograph

Release Date: September 10, 2018

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Futera delivers four autograph, memorabilia or gold-plated framed autograph/memorabilia cards per box. Every pack includes a number of inclusions beyond the hits.

Every pack of 2018 Futera Unique Soccer will contain 12 base cards and one hit including game-used and training-used memorabilia cards and on-card autographs.

Third packs include a Heritage card which will either be a Gold version (#’d/23) or a Silver (#’d/39). The six-card inner cases will include 18 memorabilia cards, three autographs, one 1/1 gold-framed auto-memorabilia card and two gold-plated framed cards.

The 120-card base set will have foil-printing on both sides on premium stock. Heritage set will also be 120 cards and will have a retro design for today’s stars.

Memorabilia cards will include Conquerors (#’d/43), The Story of a Legend (#’d/39) and Then & Now (#’d/39). There will also be Kitcards (#’d//39) with two or three swatches, Pitchside (#’d//37), History Makers (#’d//35), Versus (#’d//35) and Captains (/35).

Also in play will be National Heroes (#’d/37), Coach (#’d/25), Training Ground (#’d/27), Libero (#’d/19), Regista (#’d/19), Trequarista (#’d/19), Masters (#’d/10) and Headliners (#’d/10).

Autographs include Triumph, Superstars, and Maestro. These will have three designs with more than 135 different signers. All will be limited to 35 copies or less, while the 24-karat gold-plated memorabilia cards will include Memostars (#’d/29), Mythicals (#’d/7) and Laces (#’d/2).

Framed cards will have jersey labels (1/1), cleat laces (#’d/2), Mythical memorabilia (#’d/7), Memostars dual-memorabilia (#’d/29), 1/1 autos of players and coaches, memorabilia cards 1/1, threads autographs (1/1) and 1/1 auto-memorabilia combo cards.



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