1985 Star Company Schick Legends Basketball Cards – Complete Checklist –

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1985 Star Company
Schick NBA Legends Set
– 25 Cards –

The Star Company was ahead of it’s time back in the early 1980’s producing NBA basketball cards. Star was all about making insert sets, all-star cards, and special give away sets that helped market their brand.

The 1985 Star Schick Legends Collectors Series Set is just one example of the types of NBA cards the company produced. They sold their products not by the pack, but by the set. Their most popular set, the 1984/85 Star Basketball cards, with the Michael Jordan XRC, were sold by the team bag.  The cards came in a poly bag and you could not get those cards out of a traditional pack or box.

1985 Star Schick Legends was a 25 card set that was given way as a promotional item to people who attended the 1985 All-Star Banquet.  Some of the old Star Basketball sets still provide great value for collectors even today. The ’85 Schick NBA Legends set is a perfect example, a complete set can be purchased for less the $20 on eBay.

Let’s take a look at the complete checklist:

1985 Star Basketball Schick NBA Legends Collectors Series Complete Set

1985 Star Roger Brown Schick Legends  1985 Star Schick Legends Bob Pettit

Schick NBA Legends Complete Checklist

1985 Star Schick Legends Pete Maravich

#1 Schick NBA Legends

#2 Rick Barry

#3 Zelmo Beaty

#4 Walt Bellamy

#5 Dave Bing

#6 Roger Brown

#7 Bob Cousy

#8 Mel Daniels

#9 Bob Davies

#10 Dave DeBusschere

#11 Walt Frazier

#12 John Havlicek

#13 Connie Hawkins

#14 Tom Heinsohn

#15 Red Holzman COACH

#16 Johnny Kerr

#17 Bobby Leonard

#18 Pete Maravich

#19 Earl Monroe

#20 Bob Pettit

#21 Oscar Robertson

#22 Nate Thurmond

#23 Dick Van Arsdale

#24 Tom Van Arsdale

#25 George Yardley

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