Beware of Fake NBA Logoman Jersey Patch Cards Sold on Ebay

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Beware: Fake NBA Logoman Patch Cards

Fake Karl Malone NBA Logoman Patch Autograph Fake Dwyane Wade Logoman Patch Card
Fake Karl Malone & Dwyane Wade NBA Logoman Patch Cards

NBA Logoman patch cards are some of the hottest cards on the market. These rare cards sell quite well no matter the player. Its a hobby fact, that there are many sellers who will try and make a buck any way they can. Ebay is a popular place for these people to run the scam, but the selling is not limited to just the auction scene.  Buyers need to be careful whenever they purchase a card. Here are some steps to take to make sure the logoman card you are buying is legit.

Do Research: When thinking of buying a Logoman card, do your research. Don’t just assume the ebay seller you are buying from is telling the truth. Find the checklist and see if the set really has NBA Logoman cards. The card manufactures do a good job at hyping their product. They will usually make note of NBA Logoman cards.

Sports Card Forum is a great place to post ebay auctions and get an opinion if a Logoman card is real. The active community at SCF can more often then not spot a fake.

Buy From Good Sellers…..Sort Of: If an ebay seller continues to try and sell fake patch cards, eventually he will get hit with negative feedback. But even sellers with good feedback are known to run a scam as well. Always check a sellers feedback, but make your own judgments as well.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions: If you have questions, always ask. Email the seller. Ask for more photos. If the seller does not want to answer you, then I would move onto another card. There may not be a way to stop fake logoman cards from being sold, but there are lots of ways you can protect yourself.

Fake Wade Patch Card
Fake Wade Logoman Patch

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