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Small subscription website Collector Crate (update: the site no longer works) has stopped responding to customer emails as of the month of April 2015. The website was founded on July 17, 2014. The business model was selling subscriptions, ranging from $29.99-$99.99. Each month you’d receive a random mix of sports card packs and other items. Here is an example of one of the boxes on YouTube. One time purchases were also available. The website was originally privately registered, which is uncommon if you are starting an e-commerce site.

I have repeatedly emailed and called a phone number associated with Collector Crate over the last several days to no response.

MORE INFORMATION: Has Collector Crate Gone Out of Business?

Here are the last four posts to their Facebook Page: I blacked out the names of the people just so their information isn’t posted here.

CollectorCrate Facebook

Collector Crate did take time on April 16th to Re-Tweet the Star Wars movie preview.

Collector Crate Twitter

Perhaps there is an honest reason why Collector Crate hasn’t been responding to customer emails. Hopefully nothing tragic or unfortunate happened to the person running the website.

I am not sure if Collector Crate is trying to scam people or not. But not responding to customer emails for an entire month, no matter the reason, warrants the call to action to not purchase anything from CollectorCrate.com. They also had time to re-tweet the Star Wars movie preview on April 16, but haven’t responded to customer emails. That just doesn’t seem right.

CollectorCrate offered to send me a free box on October 9. 2014. I didn’t respond to the email. On Show #165 CollectorCrate was discussed, and largely dismissed as a bad idea.

Collector Crate Email

Several hobby blogs and websites apparently did take CollectorCrate up on their offer and here are some of the “recommendations” that were still published as of Feb 28, 2016.

It didn’t take long for word to spread on the hobby’s next big thing and it didn’t take me long to look into it. This new and brilliant idea is called CollectorCrate. I recommend trying out CollectorCrate.Sport Card Collectors

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend giving it a try. – Cardboard Connection – Article was taken down

If you’re looking for something new to try that can give you some variety in a break, you may want to give Collector Crate a try.ESPN Mint Condition

I’m hopeful these and other websites who got free product from CollectorCrate will update or take down their reviews. I will update this page if they decide to do so. It’s important for potential customers to know that at the very least, customer service at Collector Crate has been non-existent in April.

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