Gilbralter Trade Center Sports Card Show Review

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Gibralter Sports Card Show

Gilbralter Trade Center
Sports Card Show Review
Gilbralter Website – Taylor, Michigan

Show Attended: Saturday March 3, 2012
Written By Forum Member: Jake1230

Written By Forum Member: Jake1230

I was generally happy with the Gilbralter show I attended on Saturday March 2, 2012.  There were probably 20-25 dealers who were exclusively selling sports cards. Although there were about 40 dealers total with other items like memorabilia, action figures, and non-sports collectibles. With my PC (Personal Collection) being Detroit Tigers, Red Wings, and Lions, every dealer at the show had a selection of the home town stuff. I was happy I found three dealers that dealt mainly with vintage cards and spent most of my money at these three tables.

Some of the highlights from my purchases were two bobble heads, a Justin Verlander SGA and a new “vintage” version of Verlander as well. In total I purchased 15-20 cards all from 1965-68 Topps Baseball sets. The most expensive being a PSA Graded 8, 1968 Topps Tigers Team card which cost me $45. It’s a high number from the ’68 set and according to Beckett the value for a raw card is around $60, so I felt like I did pretty well. I was able to complete my 1967 and 1968 Tiger sets which was a special treat for me. My overall feelings were that the vintage stuff being sold at the Gilbralter Show was priced very fairly, but the current stuff was pricey. Of course, I was only looking at the Michigan/Detroit items and I’m comparing the dealer’s prices with what I could purchase the same Tigers items on eBay or Check Out My Cards. I look forward to going back, as they have five more shows through July. I’ll be concentrating on my Tigers team sets 1951 to 1966 to finish.

Justin Verlander Bobble Head DollTopps Tigers Team Card

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