Ken Griffey Jr 1989 Rookie RC Card Checklist

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His 1989 Upper Deck #1 is widely considered one of the most iconic baseball cards of all time. The card changed the landscape for trading cards and ushered in a new wave of collectors. 

Upper Deck was a brand new company in 1989 and their $1 foil packs were considered premium. 

PSA 10 versions of his 1989 Upper Deck rookie peaked at over $5,000 in February 2021! The card has come down in value considerably since then. 

1989 Upper Deck
Ken Griffey Jr #1
PSA 10 Value$1,900-$2,500
-View Auctions-

1989 Upper Deck
Ken Griffey Jr #1
PSA 9 Value$200-$250
-View Auctions-

Ken Griffey Jr
Born: November 21, 1969
Drafted: 1987 Seattle #1 Pick 

Ken Griffey Jr. is one of the most iconic baseball players of his generation, and his rookie cards are highly sought after by collectors. Here are some of the most recognized Ken Griffey Jr. rookie cards:

  1. 1989 Upper Deck #1: This is the most famous of all Ken Griffey Jr. rookie cards and is considered a must-have for many collectors. It features a young Griffey with a bat on his shoulder, wearing his Seattle Mariners cap.

  2. 1989 Fleer #548: Another popular choice among collectors, this card showcases Griffey in a fielding position.

  3. 1989 Donruss #33: This card has Griffey in a batting stance and is another favorite among those collecting his rookie cards.

  4. 1989 Topps Traded #41T: Unlike the regular Topps set, the Traded set included players who weren't in the main set and is one of the key Griffey rookie cards.

  5. 1989 Score Traded #100T: Score also had a traded set, and Griffey's card from this set is another important rookie card.

  6. 1989 Bowman #220: Bowman's Griffey rookie card depicts him in a full batting stance.

  7. 1989 Sportflics #17: While not as popular as some of the other brands, Sportflics' rookie card of Griffey is still a desired card for many.

  8. 1987 Bellingham Mariners Ken Griffey Jr.: Though not an official major brand release, this card is from when Griffey played for the minor league Bellingham Mariners. It's unique and is considered by some to be his true first card.

Each of these cards has its own unique design and photo of Griffey, and their values can vary greatly based on condition, grading, and market demand. The 1989 Upper Deck #1 card, especially in high-grade condition, tends to be the most valuable and sought-after among collectors.

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