Show #26 Do We Even Talk Sports Cards? + Wade Boggs

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News Please visit our site, www.sportscardradio.com to see our Rookie Rolodex.  It will slowly be expanding to more and more players.  Vote on what Rookie Card you think is the player’s best.  Send us a picture of your favorite card to get an entry in this month’s contest.  The prize is a Sweet Spot Joe Torre Jersey card.  You can also sign up for the Fan Forum to get an entry.  Panini bought Donruss; this comes after they beat out Topps and Upper Deck for their NBA products for next season.  Also, Upper Deck is making 2009-10 Draft cards.  These will feature the rookies in their college uniforms. 

Prospect Stephen Strasburg is a huge prospect to keep your eye on.  He is projected to be a #1 pick in this year’s MLB Draft.  He plays for San Diego State.  He has been clocked to throw up to 103 MPH.  He has been an on/off TTM signer, so it may not hurt to send to him. 

Collection If you are having trouble figuring out what to do with your collection go back and listen to Show #25.  This will help you figure out what cards you want to keep, and which you want to sell.  Also, remember to keep a budget when shopping for cards. 

Wade Boggs Here is a look at some of the prices for Wade Boggs autographs. 

      1983 Topps Rookie – under $10

      Autographed Baseball – $30 – $60

      Autographed Bat – $40- $80 

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