Max Stassi C – Stockton Ports Prospect – Vol. 1

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April 5, 2011 —

Max Stassi Oakland A's Stockton Ports C Prospect

Max Stassi Catcher
Oakland A’s #6 Rated Prospect – Baseball America Handbook

Scouting Trip: April 4, 2011
Stockton Ports A+ Minor League Team Workout & Fanfest

Tools Observed: Makeup/Personality

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Max Stassi – Stockton Ports A+ Catcher
Born: March 15, 1991 Drafted: 4th Rd. 2009 Bonus: $1.5 Million

Baseball America Handbook Listed : Ht: 5-10 Wt: 190

Stockton Ports Official Roster Listed: Ht: 5-10 Wt: 206When the Oakland A’s drafted Max Stassi in the 4th round out of High School in 2009 it took a then record $1.5M bonus to get him to forgo playing NCAA Baseball.  The slotting system the MLB uses to suggest bonuses for draft picks has the $1.5M bonus Stassi got in the range of what the #15 overall pick should get. It’s clear the A’s saw a lot of talent in Max and decided to up the ante to get him to sign.

Max Stassi Signing Autographs Stockton Ports Fan Fest

Observation and Evaluation: The Stockton Ports Fan Fest was held on April 4, 2011 at Banner Island Ballpark, the home of the Single A+ Ports. While there, players participated in batting practice, simulated drills, as well as signed autographs for the small group in attendance. As far as any scouting on Stassi’s physical baseball tools, that will have to wait for a different volume. This report will focus on his personality and his makeup to potentially lead a baseball pitching staff to success in the MLB.

Max Stassi might be one of the most engaging athletes I’ve ever been around. He not only is having fun with his teammates on the field, but he was constantly over talking to fans in the crowd and signing autographs. At one point a fan asked Stassi what catchers glove he was going with this season and Max gladly removed it from his hand and flipped it into the stands so the fan could check out the mitt for himself.  Before the Ports staff had a roster of players, Stassi was by the dugout during the batting practice session letting fans know who the players were and information about each guy on the team. I’d be shocked if Stassi wasn’t one of the most well liked guys on the team because he has a real engaging attitude about him that would make him easy to get along with.

During the autograph session – Stassi continued to shine and was a main draw for fans along with fellow top prospect Michael Choice. I personally saw Stassi sign over 25 cards – just for one person – all the while Stassi is asking the fan about some of the local spots to check out around Stockton. He signed this baseball for me and it was given away on the Sports Card Radio Fan Forum on April 10th.Max Stassi Autographed Baseball
Max Stassi Auto Baseball – Given Away on Forum

Stassi not only pays off for the A’s because he is a top prospect at a premium position, but he is a guy who could potentially be a go to guy for reporters because he communicates well and comes across like a saint.  Some players don’t talk well, it may not hurt their baseball career but guys like Stassi play a key leadership role on the team because he is a guy who can speak for the entire team through the media or even address the coaching staff with player concerns.

Key Max Stassi Baseball Cards & Values
Prices Dated April 5, 2011 – Check the link for current market value on eBay.

2009 Bowman Chrome Blue Refractor Autograph #/150
Sold For: $26.02 + $1.99 s/h – April 5, 2011
2009 Max Stassi Bowman Chrome Blue Refractor Autograph

2008 Bowman AFLAC Autograph #/174
Sold For: $23.83 + $2.99 s/h – April 3, 2011
2008 AFLAC Bowman MAX STASSI Rookie Auto RC #/174

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