Prospect Podcast #7 Billy Hamilton Returns to Stockton

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Reds Prospect Billy Hamilton FAST

Sports Card Radio
Prospect Podcast Ep #7
Recorded June 16, 2012

Players Talked About In Show:

  • Billy Hamilton
  • Chad Oberacker
  • Bryce Harper
  • Mike Trout

Reds top prospect Billy Hamilton was back in Stockton for a four game series and he was doing what he always does – running. In total, Hamilton stole 80 bases in the first half of the Cal League season.  A feat that has gotten the attention of prospect watchers across the land.  For three days I stuck a camera in front of Billy’s face and got a wave out of the speedster who hardly ever is standing still.  Out of seven podcasts, this is the second one just about Billy Hamilton – so if you can’t tell by now he is an exciting player to watch and it’s also fun to ponder his future in baseball.

Here is the link to the first podcast from a series in April which was the first time I saw Hamilton play. This time around I took extra care in observing his demeanor on the diamond and I talk about that in depth in the recent episode. I even busted out my video camera and got footage of him at the plate and on the bases running.


Billy Hamilton YouTube Video


Billy Hamilton Reds Bakersfield Blaze


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