Michael Choice OF – Stockton Ports Prospect – Vol. 2

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April 14, 2011

Stockton Ports Baseball Prospect Michael Choice in the Dugout April 14, 2011

Michael Choice OF/CF
Oakland A’s #3 Rated Prospect
Baseball America Handbook

Scouting Trip: 14, 2011
Modesto Nuts (Rockies) vs Stockton Ports
A+ Minor League Game

Tools Observed:

  • Makeup/Personality
  • Hitting
  • Power
  • Plate Discipline

Born: Nov 10, 1989 Drafted: 1st Rd #10 2010 Bonus: $2 Million

Baseball America Handbook Listed:
Ht: 6-0 Wt: 215
Stockton Ports Official Roster Listed:
Ht: 6-0 Wt: 215

Michael Choice – Stockton Ports Prospect – Vol. 1

Michael Choice came into the game swinging a hot bat for the Stockton Ports after hitting a home-run in each of his last 2 games. Tonight, the A’s top A-Ball prospect faced off against the Rockies top A-Ball pitching prospect Tyler Matzek. Choice was in his usual defensive spot in center field, but didn’t have too many opportunities to show off his skills outside of the first pitch of the game which was hit to center and Choice made a nice running catch. The Stockton Ports pitcher Robert Gilliam actually carded a no-hitter for several innings, giving the Ports defense a rare night of light action in the minor leagues.

The Ports Win 3-1

Position: CF

Batting: 3rd

Facing: Tyler Matzek
Colorado Rockies #1 Pick (11th) In 2009

Michael Choice Oakland A's Stockton Ports Top Prospect Home Opener April 14, 2011

Stockton Ports Michael Choice & Max Stassi April 14, 2011 Home Game

1st Inning – 0 – 0 – #3 In Order
AB 1 – Worked the count to 3 -2 but struck out swinging on a 93MPH high fastball from Tyler Matzek.

3rd Inning – 0 – 0 – Runners at 1st & 2nd with 2 outs
AB 2 – Choice gets to another 3-2 count and fouls 2 balls off. Pitch number 8 goes right back up the middle for a line-drive single that scores 1 and moves a runner to 3rd. The ball lands about 20 yards into center field and the Modesto Nuts CF actually overthrows the cutoff man. The ball bounces past the SS and ends up near third, but neither Choice or the runner on 3rd advance. The pitcher threw over once during Choice’s time on 1st and he gets back easily.

6th Inning – 1 – 1 – 1st up in the Inning
AB 3 – Takes an initial strike low & away that could have been a ball. Kept working him away and he strikes out on 4 pitches. It appears that the scouting report might be to keep the ball low and away from Choice – who does like to get extended at the belt/letters.

7th Inning – 3 – 1  Ports – 2 Outs – No On
AB 4 – 3rd up, with 2 outs & no one on. Took the first 3 pitches to get the count 2/1 and then hit a hard ball to the 2B for out #3. Similar to the previous AB’s – the pitcher worked the ball away, before hanging one that Choice hit square – but right at Modesto Nuts 2B Angelys Nina.

Choice finishes the game 1-4 1 RBI – 2 SO

In 8 Games He’s Batting: .226 2 HR 8 RBI — 13 K 6 BB in 31 AB’s

Plate Discipline: In Choice’s 4 at-bats during the night, he faced counts of 3-2, 3-2, 1-2, 2-1 – so he is getting to effective hitting counts against top pitching talent. The umpire was calling pitches that were slightly low and away, and Choice was burned on 2 boarder-line calls that could have gotten him better pitches to hit later in the count.

Swing: Choice does have an odd (or unorthodox) release to his swing. He almost looks like a golfer with a straight right arm that works upward, instead of around the body – like most traditional MLB swings. The move to the ball is quick, he cocks his left foot to the point where his toe is on the ground, and the foot is twisted, but he doesn’t appear to lift his left foot off the ground completely. The release and follow-through is more extension with the arms, instead of body rotation. Notice the follow-through on this K during the 1st inning on a 3-2 pitch.

Stockton Ports Prospect CF Michael Choice Strike Out Swing Against Modesto Nuts
This is Michael Choice Strike-Out In The 1st Inning – Notice How High His Hands Are

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Michael Choice – Stockton Ports Prospect – Vol. 1

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