Most Watched Sports Trading Cards February 2011

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Top Most Watched Cards – February 2011

This months edition of the most watched cards on eBay has a ‘Golden’ feel to it. 2010 Panini Contenders Football was released and collectors loved the fact that you could pull a redemption card for an actual 24K Gold Trading Card. These were by far the most popular cards on eBay during the month of February and prices cracked $1,000 for almost every one that did make it to auction.

Just 7 cards on the list this month which was a somewhat slow month for high end sports card sales. Look for action to pick up in March with Football sets like National Treasures, Topps Five Star and Topps Baseball products having several cards on the list.

#1 2005 SP Authentic Aaron Rodgers RC Shield AUTO 1/1 BGS 9.5

Watchers: 800+
Final Price: $8,600.00
Auction Ended: February 3, 2011

The seller of this card sold it just before Aaron Rodgers led the Green Bay Packers to a win in the Super Bowl over the Steelers. Prices for other Sp Authentic Rodgers Rookie cards actually didn’t go up much after the Super Bowl so the seller probably isn’t too sad about selling before the actual win. The card is indeed graded BGS 9.5 – the picture is a close up of the card.

2005 Sp Authentic Aaron Rodgers Patch Auto RC

#2 Playoff Contenders Aaron Rodgers Golden Ticket 1/1

Watchers: 650+
Final Price: $2,277.00
Auction Ended: February 21, 2011

A stroke of luck for the seller of this Aaron Rodgers Golden Ticket as it was also the very first one to be listed for sale on eBay. Fresh off the Super Bowl win, you knew this card was going to sell for big money. $2,000.00 would throw a heck of a Super Bowl Party.

2011 Panini Contenders Aaron Rodgers Golden Ticket

#3 1963 Topps Pete Rose Rookie #537 SGC 98 (10) GEM MINT

Watchers: 300+
Final Price: $18,100
Auction Ended: February 4, 2011

The price tag is staggering but so is the card which is one of the finest examples you’ll find.  It was sold by PreWarCollector and whenever he has something for sale on eBay, it’s always nice and it always gets a lot of attention from vintage buyers.

1963 Topps Pete Rose ROOKIE #537 SGC 98 (10) GEM MINT

#4 Playoff Contenders Mark Sanchez Golden Ticket 1/1

Watchers: 250+
Final Price: $1,238.37
Auction Ended: February 22, 2011

All the Contenders Golden Tickets start as a redemption card – but the collector who pulled this Golden Ticket of Jets QB Mark Sanchez lived very close to the Panini Redemption Headquarters in Texas and he went and picked the card up. Collectors were able to get a glimpse of these incredible cards.

2010 Panini Contenders Mark Sanchez Golden Ticket

#5 Playoff Contenders Roger Staubach Golden Ticket 1/1

Watchers: 200+
Final Price: $1,500.00
Auction Ended: February 22, 2011

Included in the 52 card Golden Ticket Checklist are former NFL Legends and you can bet a long time Cowboy fan got this one.  Roger is a member of NFL’s Hall of Fame and is an all-time legend in Dallas. I would much rather have the Staubach card for $1,500 then the already redeemed Sanchez that ended for $1,238.

2010 Playoff Contenders Roger Staubach Golden Ticket

#6 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan BGS 9.5 Rookie Card

Watchers: 195+
Final Price: $4,500.99
Auction Ended: February 17, 2011

One of the few BGS 9.5 Fleer 1986 Jordan Rookie cards available, this card was the most watched Basketball card for the month. These cards were plagued by centering and coloring issues. Not to mention the colored borders were prone to chipping.

1986 Fleer Michael Jordan Rookie BGS 9.5

#7 Playoff Contenders Peyton Manning Golden Ticket 1/1

Watchers: 175+
Final Price: $1,525.00
Auction Ended: February 23, 2011

Collectors really latched onto this concept from Panini and sales of the cards came in hot. It would be interesting to know just “how much” the actual gold is worth in the card itself.

2010 Playoff Contenders Golden Tickets Peyton Manning


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