Plenty Of Job Openings In The Sports Card Industry

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Not long ago most companies were laying off people and looking to cut costs, now with the economy slowly picking up steam, we’re seeing more job openings in the sports card industry than ever before.

That’s good news if you collect cards + need a job!

Like many open jobs across the country today, only a small percentage of people that apply are even qualified for the job. Some of these jobs listed below require you to have an education – but if you have no knowledge of cards, it would be almost impossible to get hired. Therefore, if you have a blog, comment on forums or generally know a lot about cards – you can use that in your resume & it will actually help you get hired.

Just a quick scan around the industry yields these job openings:

Open Jobs at Panini America

FT – Customer Service Manager

Don’t think you get a good response when you ask about your Kobe Bryant redemption? Think Panini could streamline the process so they actually get less call and make customers happier? This is the job for you.

FT – Business Analyst

You’re going to need a degree in finance/accounting to land this job … and it has far less to do with cards as it has to do with numbers. If you’re a number cruncher – this is for you.

Open Jobs at Topps

FT – Logistics Analysis

Similar to the Panini Business Analyst, you’re in charge of making sure things stay on budget so everyone can feed their families at night. Die-hard collectors probably wouldn’t be great at this job – as you’d be cutting things out to make the numbers look better & the products less collectible to the consumer.

FT – Project Manager

Unlike logistics, this is the perfect job for a die-hard collector. You’d be in charge of an entire product line & making sure it pleases collectors. Extensive knowledge of Topps products would help you land this job.

Open Jobs at Upper Deck

FT – Collectible/Toys Brand Manager

Pretty interesting job not closely related to cards, but toys might be a far less complex market to break into if you don’t have sports card experience.

Designer/Senior Designer

I hear a lot about how people don’t like how cards look these days. With a little practice on PhotoShop & and an art design degree … you’ll be well on your way to creating beautiful works of art that collectors will love.

E-Commerce Marketing Specialist

Maybe you started your own online store & things didn’t work out too well … that’s okay because your experience might help you in this job. Selling directly to consumers is what the companies should do more of, and you’ll have your chance to make that happen in this job.

Redemption Clerk

Think the companies don’t do a good job with redemptions? Here is your chance to make a difference and make some money.

Redemptions Supervisor

You know redemption cards are a big deal when the company actually has a title for the supervisor. My guess is you could really make some head-way in this segment of the business, as no company handles redemptions like they could (or should).

UDA Production Clerk

This job puts you on the front lines of making sure the process of getting an item to be signed is handled as smoothly as possible. This would be a pretty fun job.

UDA Distributor Account Manager

Here you’re building relationships with other retailers to see how you can sell them more UDA products. If you have some close ties in the retail world, this would be an excellent choice.

Open Jobs At COMC

Office Assistant

Basically you’re filling up coffee and making sure the ink in the printer is filled.

Order Fulfillment Clerk

Ever wonder how the cards get shipped to you when you buy off COMC? This job is the reason why you’re cards arrive, and it would probably be an interesting job.

Trading Card Identification Specialist

Sounds like the most interesting job in the house. Identify cards = you must be a collector.

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