Podcast #1 – Pricing Sports Cards + Fake Jersey Patch Cards

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Podcast #1 – Pricing Cards + Fake Jersey Patch Cards

This is the debut episode of the Sports Card Focus Podcast – where we put the focus on you the collector each and every week. This podcast takes submissions from anyone that wants to share their voice to the hobby community. All you have to do is send your audio takes to: sportscardfocus@gmail.com

On today’s episode we have 2 submissions – that we hope will be the first of many for these two popular Sports Card Bloggers.

Chris from The Football Card Podcast talks pricing and how that has an effect on the hobby. Its funny how pricing is such an important part of the hobby, is often confusing or misleading to even seasoned collectors.

Be sure to check out Chris’ Previous Episodes of the Football Card Podcast.

The Sports Card Soapbox – Brought to you by Sports Cards Uncensored
Fake jersey patch cards are still found online daily with people often spending big bucks for something that is not what it appears.

Be sure to take a look at SCU Scam School to learn more on ways to protect yourself against buying fake jersey and autograph cards.

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