Show #56 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball + 09/10 Court Kings Basketball

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On Show #55 of The Sports Card Show Podcast we talk about the #1/1 Superfractor Stephen Strasburg that originally sold for $16,403 – was graded 9.5 Gem Mint from BGS – in the process of being sold online for a final selling price of $25,000 dollars!! Wow – that’s an impressive return even with all the fees associated with selling and grading!!

We also noted that the #1/1 Red Autograph Parallel was getting bids in the 6 Figures!! Well, that auction was taken down and now the card will appear at a Huggins & Scott auction soon. We’ll update you when that happens.

2010 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball
This is always one of my favorite sets to just look at – as I’ve never actually opened any boxes of this stuff myself until this year. I love the fact that it includes non-baseball athletes, celebrities and other people. I make a point on the show that you should look to share these cards with people that have a passion for those things and it may open up the doors to collecting to someone that would have never had interest otherwise. A set like this gets criticized for having too much non-baseball (this year has animal cards) but I think its great – and brings attention to baseball cards – which is always good.

09/10 Panini Court Kings
This is a set – that if it came out in December would have probably sold out. Not that it won’t or hasn’t now – but now that the season is over and the 10/11 Rookies are already having Press Conferences with the teams … I’d be wanting those players. Nevertheless its a cool set and hopefully it will keep prices down on what otherwise was supposed to be a $100 a pack product. The base cards are all serial numbered in this set – I love that for some reason, because it makes even those cards somewhat collectible even after the fact. Plus it adds to the excitement of putting together an entire base set because they are all numbered cards. I’m criticizing the release point of this set – but in actuality it helps keep the price down so I think this is a winner for basketball collectors. Keep in mind though, that Crown Royale Basketball, Panini Update, Hall of Fame, and National Treasures all still will come out under the 09/10 label – so more is coming.

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