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Stephen Strasburg baseball cards and autographs sell in the high 100’s 1,000’s and even 10,000’s – and given the state of the economy (let alone being a kid trying to collect) it might be tough for someone to spend that kind of money on a Stephen Strasburg (RC) Card. However, you can still get a piece of the magic at a fraction of the price in most cases if you are looking for something other than cardboard.

Stephen Strasburg Authentic Majestic Replica Baseball Jersey

If he has the career most people feel he might have, having a jersey purchased during his rookie season might actually be a collectors item. I’m not 100% certain on this, but typically the manufacture changes the tag at the bottom of the jerseys on a regular basis.  That means jerseys purchased after 2010 sells out will be slightly different. Majestic actually makes a real nice product … the ‘replica’ version of his Nationals jersey sells for about $99- and its fully sewn on letters and numbers. These are also perfect for autographs if you happen to catch the flame thrower in person.

Stephen Strasburg 8×10 Photo of 1st MLB Game

Chances are, this guy is going to have a ton of photos taken of him during the course of his career. It will be interesting to see if the Nationals can develop into a winning organization so we can see him on display in October. No matter what Strasburg ends up doing – the must have shots will be from his 1st MLB game. These are also great to get autographed – or just place it on your desk for inspiration from the MLB’s newest sensation. Considering how much his sports cardboard costs – this photo sells for about $8.00.

Stephen Strasburg FatHead Wall Graphics

Want to bring the right-hander into your living room? Fathead’s are actually really big – if you never seen one in person you will think that the guy is popping out of the wall. I remember hanging a few up in my sports card store and they look really good. I can imagine that kids in the DC area already have Stephen up in their rooms and if he keeps things going you might see him just about anywhere. You get a variety of graphics including the huge Stephen Strasburg Fathead graphic for about $99. If you have the guts – toss this thing up in the family room and see the look on your wife’s face when she comes home!!

NewEra Washington Nationals Baseball Caps

Several years ago when I used to sell NewEra Caps at a store in California – the most popular hats were the Washington Nationals. It had more to do with the colors and the logo than the team – but maybe more folks will be putting these on. NewEra makes a good product and for some people – these hats are a huge part of the wardrobe.

I guess the 2010 MLB All Star Game is in Washington – so they have some All-Star Patch 59/50 hat that would be a cool alternative to the standard version.

The Stars & Stripes New Era version will be worn by the Nationals on a handful of occasions during the season. This is a premium hat that you will want to keep dust and dirt off because it will have you looking sharp. You can bet people will be having these on during the July 4th MLB week.

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