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April 9, 2011

2010 Bowman Wrapper Redemption Rashun Dixon Black Border

Rashun Dixon RF/LF
Oakland A’s #28 Rated Prospect – Baseball America Handbook

Scouting Trip: April 4, 2011
Stockton Ports A+ Team Workout & Fan Fest

Tools Observed:

  • Physical Tools

Born: Aug. 27, 1990  Drafted: 10th Rd 2008  Bonus: $600,000

Baseball America Handbook Listed : Ht: 6-2 Wt: 210
Stockton Ports Official Roster Listed: Ht: 6-2 Wt: 234

Physical Tools: If you didn’t know anything about any of the players on the Oakland A’s A+ Minor League Baseball team – the Stockton Ports – and you lined each player up against the wall to ‘pick a team’ – you might pick Rashun Dixon first. Aside from a couple tall pitchers, Rashun is the most physically imposing player on the Ports roster.

The Baseball America Handbook listed Rashun’s weight as 210 llbs, but the Stockton Ports Roster has him at 234 llbs. I’ll go with the 234.  Rashun’s brother, Anthony Dixon is a running back for the San Francisco 49ers and Rashun looks very much like he could fit in on a football field. In fact, he did turn down a football commitment to Mississippi State to come play professional baseball.

In over 800 AB’s at the Rookie, A- and A levels he has not displayed the power and/or speed you’d expect from a man with his frame. He did hit a respectable .275 with 8 HR and 54 RBI in 2010 at A Kane County. The California League features hitter friendly parks and Rashun could be in line for a stat boost while playing for the Ports in 2011.

Rashun Dixon Stockton Ports - Oakland A's Top Prospect

Here is a photo of A’s #3 rated prospect Michael Choice (left) and Rashun Dixon (right). It may not show up well in the photo but it is clear that Dixon is the bigger man. Choice is listed at 6-0 215, so Baseball America’s weight for Dixon, 210, is off and the Ports weight for Rashun of 234 is probably about as accurate as it gets.

I will have several opportunities to watch Rashun play this year in Stockton, so check back for future write-ups about his actual performance on the field. If Rashun is able to put together his baseball skills he could have a shot to go far. If he never develops his swing and plate discipline he won’t make it. He is best suited for RF or LF as he probably doesn’t have the speed or range to man CF. Michael Choice is currently playing CF for the Ports and Rashun has been used as the RF early on.

Oakland A's Prospects Michael Choice and Rashun Dixon
Michael Choice (left) & Rashun Dixon (right)

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