Review Of Ultra Pro Baseball Trading Card Products Top Loader 9 Pocket Sheets

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Ultra Pro Product Review

This is a staple product for any collector with lots of cards to store. These standard Ultra Pro 3×4 Top Load Trading Card Holders can keep most of your cards safe.

Some of the thicker Jersey Cards will not fit into these holders. Ultra pro does make extra thick top loaders to fit these cards. I would also try using a Semirigid holder for thick jersey/memorabilia cards.

The Ultra Pro Soft Sleeve is a must to keep your common cards safe. Most collectors also use a soft sleeve, and then insert into a Top Loader or Semirigid holder.

I would pick up a bunch of these in bulk so that you have some laying around when you are busting your favorite box of cards. I have a soft sleeve of almost every single card I own.

I would not put your most expensive trading cards in a 9 pocket Ultra Pro Page. These are good for common cards, or building a set that does not hold much value.

The cards can easily get damaged by falling out of the binder or getting chipped when you flip through the binder page. They are a very good way to display a common set.

Putting a nice card in a Ultra Pro Screw Down Card Holder really makes the card stand out. There are some draw backs to screw downs. Putting them in and out of the holder can cause chips to the corner. Sometimes cards don’t fit quite well into them and they move around, also causing chips to corners.

I would use them on cards that you do not intend to grade. They make the card stand out, and if you are trying to sell on ebay or even just your local flea market, these screw downs can make your cards stand out.

These are BY FAR my favorite card holders. They make it real easy to slide the card in and out of. I always use these card holders with a soft sleeve. Great way to protect and they can usually fit the thicker jersey cards, which top loaders sometimes can’t.

If you are looking to submit your card to get graded by PSA or Beckett (BGS), you must use these card holders, or they may not accept your cards.

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