Review Should I Subscribe To Beckett Magazine?

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Should I Subscribe To Beckett Magazine?

Beckett Magazine used to be considered the must have publication to know how much your collection was worth. The Up and Down arrows made looking forward to the next months Beckett very enjoyable.

While the quality of the content in the magazine is still very good, most collectors go to ebay for price history and value information. 

It doesn’t mean Beckett has no place in the hobby.  They are still considered a major player, and are the card companies first choice to give the scoop on a new product.

Here is a breakdown of some of the publications Beckett Media offers.

Beckett Baseball Card

Prices of cards dating back to 1909. Doesn’t list every card, but highlights the key cards in most sets. The articles is what makes the magazine worth while.  The Hot List and the reader questions are my two favorites.

Beckett makes it very clear that the pricing information in the magazine is for reference purpose only, and that it is not a recommendation to buy or sell any specific product. I wish the common card collector felt the same way. Too often, Beckett is referenced as the leader in trading card price data.

Beckett Baseball Card
Beckett Basketball Card

There are many other companies who compete with Beckett Baseball Card Magazine. The Basketball card market is less competitive. Beckett Basketball Card Magazine might be a good read for those looking for more information about basketball cards.

Beckett Basketball is very similar to Beckett Baseball. It includes a Hot List and reader questions. Some of the pricing of vintage Basketball cards are fairly accurate when compared to ebay. It’s worth the price if you are looking to expand your Basketball card knowledge.

Beckett Basketball Card
Beckett Football Card

The Football card market has exploded over the last 15 years.  With the NFL being the number one sport in the United States, Beckett Football Magazine is a good publication to pick up to feed your need for all things in the Football card hobby.

Be sure to click the link and see if they are running any specials on Beckett Football.  This wold be a great gift to a friend or for yourself!

Beckett Football Card

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