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Today on the podcast we have Ryan who is at the National Sports Collectors Convention in Baltimore. He’s spent the last two days getting photographs, talking to dealers and collectors from all across the country and we get his thoughts on today show.

One of the highlights today was a panel discussion by the Topps Company, where they talked about redemption cards, getting Bryce Harper into sets, why Topps destroys cards, future products, and other things related to manufacturing cards. If you need a Cliff Notes version of what happened here is a link. We talked about what else to expect for the rest of the show. We close the show with some tips from local dealers that have had success with selling gaming cards in their sports cards shops. It seems like sports cards are less and less a part of the business and dealers are having lots of success selling Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic and other gaming cards in their stores. However, this week is all about sports and sports collectibles and they have been on in full display at the convention.

Be sure to check back at Sports Card Radio later in the week for more coverage from the NSCC.

Also I wanted to add since this is show number 100, I wanted to thank all the listeners that have contacted me throughout the last four years and I plan on continuing the podcast and enjoying a hobby right along with you, thanks again.

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