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August has already been a HUGE month for new sports card releases, and more are on the way in the back half of the month too! We talk about a few news items before we discuss some of the latest products.

News Items:

  • Ryan Matthews is hurt and out 4-6 weeks
  • Dwight Howard goes to the Lakers (like we said last month)
  • Manchester United prices it’s public offering at 16.7m shares at $14 per
  • You can search by team on COMC – just type in a team name
  • A fan forum member suggested using dupe cards for TTM autographs
  • @thatdanroe on Twitter suggested that the Titanium “RC” cards are too rare

2012 Topps Football just came out, here are my thoughts.

There are multiple insert cards that revolve around quarterbacks in 2012 Topps football. You’ll find QB milestones and you’ll also find QB Immortal cards. The immortal set focuses on QBs of the past, mainly Hall of Famer’s like Joe Montana, Dan Marino, and Troy Aikman. You’ll find manufactured plaques, autographed cards, jersey relic cards, and in the QB milestones set you’ll find manufactured coins or emblems that are embedded on the card.

There are three different sets within the QB milestones including touchdowns, passing yards, and wins. These cards are serial numbered based on the color the emblem and there is bronze, silver, and gold emblems. The quarterback theme continues with the reprints, where you’ll find many of today’s and the past greatest QB’s. Joe Montana, Eli Manning, Michael Vick, and many others find reprints of their old Topps rookies in this sat. You’ll also find reprint autographs, and reprint relic cards – both those are very rare to find.

You’ll also find league MVP and Super Bowl die-cut cards, which are clear and are serial number either 50 or 46. Speaking of reprints, 1965 Topps featured tallboy cards, which are slightly narrower then traditional cards make it into the set. There are 141 cards which features NFL’s best players, and there will also be signed rookie autograph cards as well. Topps also remade the 1984 Topps rookie cards and had the rookies sign 100 copies of those.

This set is a great example of how Topps utilizes cards they’ve made in the pass to create a compelling set for collectors today. For example, Robert Griffin III collectors would get his rookie card number #340, and maybe the pink, camo and gold parallel cards that go along with it. They can also collect his autograph version of that same card, and also the photo variation version as well. There also reprint 1957 cards that have a blue border that are found in Walmart packs, red borders that are found in Target packs, and a green border as well.  It offers a collector very good value when opening either retail or hobby boxes because of the many parallel and RC variation cards you can find of all the hot new rookies that people want to collect now.

2012-13 NBA Hoops is out too!

I called my “local” hobby store to see if they’d have boxes of 12/13 Hoops the day it comes out, but they said more than likely on Wednesday of next week. I might try to stop by Wal-Mart or Target to see if I can find a retail pack or two before then though. There are over 70 “RC” cards in this set – which I think makes it a pretty good value to the basketball collector. Autographs of this past seasons, and upcoming seasons rookies should be very popular with collectors. The fact that Panini wont really start re-deeming last seasons redemption cards until October (at the earliest) … might lead this set to sneak up the radar.

With LeBron getting the monkey off his back, Kevin Durant becoming a major star, and the Lakers re-tooling … the NBA is looking to have a FULL season next year, and the cards from Panini will reflect the excitement we have as fans. With each set containing over 70 different rookies … it should make for a fun year trying to land all the players that we’re looking for. Personally I like Klay Thompson, but I don’t think he will get as much playing time in year 2. Isaiah Thomas of the Sacramento Kings is someone to watch in year 2 as well … the Kings are not happy with how Tyreke Evans runs the team at times, so his playing time might continue to go up.

Finally, we talk about Goodwin Champions

This set is interesting because it does have quite a few golfers in it, aside from Tiger Woods. The horizontal photo variation cards are a nice touch and I like some of the way they use animals and outer-space in this set. While this might not be the product you rush home to bust 2 cases of … it’s interesting to track down all the parallel cards inside if you find a card you want to collect.

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