Show #102 Topps Chrome + Finest & Exquisite Go Live

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General News Topics:

  • Who will be this years NFL Rookie of the Year?
  • Steroids have become vogue again thanks to Melky Cabrera
  • Topps Re-Ups with the NFL
  • Jake Locker, Ryan Tannehill, Blaine Gabbert, Russell Wilson and even Nick Foles are getting love
  • Chris Paul got hurt – watch out for Eric Bledsoe & Willie Green

2012 Topps Chrome baseball came out, and it seems to be an improvement over previous seasons. The biggest hits are the Bryce Harper autographed cards, and Yu Darvish autographed rookie cards. There are lots of parallel cards, which is typical in a Topps Chrome release. Retail Blaster boxes, and value packs have special parallels that are orange and purple. Hobby boxes contain the more rare parallel cards, like red refractors and Superfractors. It also seems like one of the things most manufacturers are doing these days is putting sort print variation cards in almost every set. We’ve come to expect that from Topps but it seems like they’re putting these kind of cards in almost every set they make now. The base card variations in Topps Chrome are extremely rare and include some of the top players in the set, making them relatively valuable online.

Boxes Sold For Around $72.00 on the day of release

2012 Topps Finest Football is all about the rookie cards! You find almost exclusively rookies from the past NFL draft. There are a few veteran cards mixed in, but they are not nearly enough to open this product if that’s all you’re after. This set is truly for the rookie card collector, and there are plenty of different levels of rookie cards you can collect. There are the regular base & autograph versions, there are two different patch versions, one with a slightly larger jersey. The more collectible rookies like Andrew luck, Robert Griffin III, and others are in shorter supply then most other players in the set. You will find a special Andrew Luck inserts that which includes three different cards in the shape of a horseshoe, there are also jersey and autograph versions of the card.

Boxes Sold For Around $105 on the day of release

2011 Upper Deck Exquisite Football is several weeks/months late – but seems to be worth the wait. There is tons of on-card autograph content to be found here. Aside from the 2011 rookies, there seems to be a tight group of players that Upper Deck used to get signatures for this set. Archie Griffin, Warren Moon, Jerry Rice, Troy Aikman and others are featured in several sets.

Boxes Sold For Around $555.00 on the day of release if you could find one.

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