Show #108 Pricing 1/1’s and Topps Triple Threads Sales

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The main topics on today’s show include:

  • Buying on sites that don’t get lots of traffic
  • Pricing rare 1/1 and unique cards
  • Top 10 Topps Triple Threads Baseball card sales

When I value 1/1 or really rare one-of-a-kind type cards, I always go look to see what the highest price card collectors are paying for the player I have.

Alex Smith Exquisite #/99 BGS 9 $1,169.99 (Sept. 18 2012)
Alex Smith Exquisite #/99 $775.00 (Sept. 18 2012)
Alex Smith SP Authentic Auto/Patch #/25 $700.00 (Sept. 17 2012)
Alex Smith SP Authentic Auto/Patch #/299 $350.00 (Sept. 21 2012)

Here is an analysis of Alex Smith’s Contenders RC during 2011

Then I go look at the hottest player in the game at that moment, and know I probably won’t be seeing these prices:
Robert Griffin III Finest Moments Suerfractor Auto #1/1 $4884.48 (Sept. 24, 2012)
Robert Griffin III Finest Auto/NFL Logo Football 1/1 $4,650.00 (Sept. 11, 2012)

As a buyer myself, I typically buy at low prices – and if something like this came in, I’d probably offer $75 – $100 (with the hopes or re-selling for around $150).  I feel that (with the right documentation) the card might be worth today between $100 – $400 … based on what I see collectors paying for Alex Smith’s best rookie cards, and what collectors are paying for his regular version of the SIgns of the Future. I think if it was sold in the hype of a playoff run or something like that, you might get $500+ if you could provide the right documentation from Topps about being authentic. I don’t think a collector is really going to worry too much that it’s fake, however any documentation from Topps (or even Beckett or PSA) would enhance the value.

That’s just my guess, I’m not a Alex Smith or 49ers fan, and I certainly can see fans of that team paying more than what I said because the team has quality fans. If you ever sell the card – let me know. Also, if you list the item for sale, explain how rare it is, and provide any documentation you have so collectors know. The more you sell something like this in the description on an eBay auction – the higher it goes.

Hope that helps, you could also e-mail some other sellers/buyers on forums/eBay as well to see what they say, as getting more than one opinion is a great option as well. Twitter can be a great resource for this as well.

Top 10 Auction Sales on eBay during the first week of 2012 Topps Triple Threads Baseball

2012 Topps Triple Threads White Whale 1/1 Mike Trout Yoenis Cespedes Jesus Montero Patch Auto

  • 9 Box Hobby Cases – Selling For About $1,630
  • Mike Trout – Yoenis Cespedes – Jesus Montero White Whale #1/1 Auto/Patch $731.00 (38 Bids)
  • Rickey Henderson 1/1 Auto/Patch Letter Plus Book $449.00
  • Mike Trout – Yoenis Cespedes – Jesus Montero #/3 Auto/Patch $403.98 (38 Bids)
  • Bryce Harper Auto/Relic #/10 $406.79 (21 Bids)
  • Duke Snider Bat Relic Auto Wood #1/1 $399.99 (1 Bid)
  • Will Clark Auto/Bat Relic #/9 $379.99 (1 Bid)
  • Rickey Henderson #/3 Auto/Patch Letter Plus Book $360.00
  • 9 Box Case Break Yankees – $350.00
  • Mike Trout Emerald Auto (Exch) #/50 $349.95 (1 Bid)

Do you see that case break spot for the Yankees sell for about 1/4 of what a case sells for!!! Add in the Nationals, Angels, Mets, and other popular teams and this seller (even after fees) should make a healthy profit.

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