Show #112 Trading Up + NBA Pacific Division Preview

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With not many releases on the schedule this week, we talk about just a few different topics today.

  • Panini announced they will be adding a player to their basketball lineup.

I personally think it might be Dwyane Wade because he is one of the few NBA superstars without an autograph deal. I believe he used to have some kind of deal with Topps, and maybe he see’s LeBron and KD getting paid – and he wants some too. I’m just guessing, but looks like Panini will reveal who the player will be on Monday.

  • I was watching this show Barter Kings the other day on TV and I think you could do the same thing with cards.

Basically find collectors willing to trade ‘down’ because they either want your card(s) more or just simply value the cards differently. I think you could trade up on the forums like the guys do on the TV show and end up with a pretty cool collection if you stuck with it.

Lastly, if you are seller of cards – we’ve seen a dry patch in releases all though the year and it makes it tough to make a consistent living if you don’t have money rolling in 12 months a year. I remember making good profit margins selling items I bought from wholesaler Wincraft. The pennants, car decals and items the sell for the Super Bowl, World Series and big NASCAR events sell great too.

Phoenix Suns Golden State Warriors
Michael Beasley
Goran Dragic
Marcin Gortat
Markieff Morris
Luis Scola
Shannon Brown
Harrison Barnes
Klay Thompson
Andrew Bogut
Stephen Curry
Jeremy Tyler
David Lee
Sacramento Kings LA Clippers
DeMarcus Cousins
Tyreke Evans
Isaiah Thomas
Thomas Robinson
Marcus Thornton
Blake Griffin
Chris Paul
Grant Hill
Jamal Crawford
Lamar Odom
DeAndre Jordan
LA Lakers
Kobe Bryant
Dwight Howard
Steve Nash
Pau Gasol
Ron Artest
Devin Ebanks
Antawn Jamison
Chris Duhon
Chris Douglas-Roberts
We preview the western conference, which should
be one of the most interesting divisions in basketball.
Think every team has talent in this division, but injuries
and coaching should make this a competitive race.
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