Show #113 UltraPro’s Booklet Card Holder + Exquisite Basketball

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We were able to get a first hand look at UltraPro’s newest product – the Double Booklet One-Tough magnet card holder (that includes a nifty stand). It looks like the price I’ve found on these has been in the $7.50 – $8.00 range. They have UV protection, so feel free to display these in full view and know your signatures won’t fade. I think if you sell single cards on eBay, and you come across book cards – just having one or two of these around would make scanning them much easier.

Here is the video review I did earlier in the week (It includes a giveaway)

2011/12 Upper Deck Exquisite Basketball came out and I ran down some of the top sales. I was surprised a little by a few of the rookies that are getting big bucks for their cards – and it proves that the NBA is the most global game in the sports card biz.

My iPad didn’t give me some of the values I saw on my normal web browser – so I wasn’t as surprised when I saw lots of LeBron & Jordan autographs selling for more than this. However, I do point out some interesting cards that sold for lots of money.

Michael Jordan Dimensions “Shadowbox” Autograph $512.00
Nikola Vucevic Autograph RC #/25 $304.00
Chandler Parsons Autograph RC #/25 $304.00
Klay Thompson Autograph RC #/199 $224.72
Donatas Motiejunas Autograph RC #/25 $167.50
Alex Burks Autograph RC #/199 $159.50
Kawhi Leonard Autograph RC #/199 $152.50

Finally – I run down some of the NBA players casual fans might not know about, but play big roles on their team.

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