Show #114 Black Friday Promo’s & Early NBA Stars

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COMC.com Special
The site is approching 10,000,000 items ever listed and the company is giving away 10,000,000 pennies.

5,000,000 Pennies or $50,000 dollars is going to buyers and the other 5,000,000 pennies are going to sellers.


On Black Friday only – get 10 cents store credit for every item you buy and ship.

Black Friday – Cyber Monday: Order 10 or more items and get free shipping.

For every item sold with a Sale Promotion from Black Friday – Cyber Monday will get $0.25 free processing voucher.

Panini Black Friday Promotion

Fans of the New England Patriots and New York Giants will be excited to see the Super Bowl XLVI memorabilia/auto cards that will be included in the promotion.

A few months ago Panini put out some cool towel cards of RGIII and others from the NFL rookie premier in a special Tools of the Trade set. Now they have some basketball and hockey versions. You’ll also find some special Tony Romo and Dez Braynt team issued equipment tag cards as well in the set.

Finally, the last set Panini has peaked pre-Black Friday have been some Cracked Iced autograph cards from some of the top athletes in all the major sports.

Nicolas Batum 2008/09 Rookies

8 games into the 12/13 NBA season, Batum is averaging almost 19 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists per game – all career highs. He is averaging about 38 minuetes per game … which is about 8 more (2 mins per quarter) than he has gotten recently. The Trail Blazers have always been high on this kid, we’ll see if he can keep up his strong play.

O.J. Mayo 2008/09 Rookies
Anyone that follows the game knew that if given the opportunity, O.J. Mayo can fill up a stat sheet. With a sluggish Dirk and an aging Mavericks team, Mayo has taken over as a scoring threat after a few seasons that included coming off the bench with the Grizzlies. Now O.J. is getting starter mins (34) and is putting up big numbers (21 ppg). He is shooting 48.9$ through his first 9 games – I don’t expect that to last, but he could easily average 19 – 20 ppg this season.

Greg Monroe 10/11 Rookies

Through the first 9 games of the 12/13 NBA Season, Greg is averaging about 16pts and 10 rebounds per game. Those numbers are about the same as his 11/12 campaign which was a lockout shortened 66 games. He is averaging over 1 assist more per game this season, which makes him a very versitile big man.

Kenneth Faried (11/12 – 12/13) Rookies
Anyone that followed the Nuggets towards the end of the 11/12 NBA season saw the potential in this young player. His energy coming off the bench netted him a 10ppg/7.7 rebound per game average in only 22 mins. This year, he’s geting 30 mins per game and through 9 games has a 14.1 ppg and 11.8 rebound per game average. No question if he continues to get minets, he can continue this production.

Damian Lillard 12/13 Rookies
If Lillard can keep up the kind of production he got during his first 8 games in the NBA, he should have no problem getting tons of Rookie of the Year votes. He is averaging 18.4 ppg and almost 6 assists. He is playing over 37 minuets per game, which might grind down the young rookie during a full 82 game season, but you never know.


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