Show #115 Last Year’s Resolutions + Release Dates

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Last Year on Show #89 we gave out some New Years Resolutions that have somewhat been dealt with.

Below are our resolutions from January 2012 – we’ll make 2013 resolutions on a later show.

1 – More creative packaging.

I see that Target & Wal-Mart both get blaster boxes, regular packs – and usually a rack or hanger pack. What does hobby get? The same thing.

2 – Better Use Of ‘Player Worn’

I think football is the worst – but I think if they can continue to cut down on these cards (or at least pair it with a sticker) – the better it will be in the long run for collectors.

3 – Add Hits Or Product Gimmicks Before Release

I think Upper Deck did this a few times this year – delivering 1 extra hit shortly before release. Companies should try to create hype around the purchase date – not 4 months before in a sell sheet.

4 – Offer To Buy Back The Product

This is kind of ridiculous, but if you stand behind your products – good things can happen.

5 – Allow Other Companies To Advertise In Your Product

I saw a video game in some Panini product, and they also did Hall of Fame giveaways, which were not something they’ve done recently.

6 – Better/Clearer Redemption Card Policy

If you returned a coffee maker to Target & they sent an employee back to choose your replacement … you probably wouldn’t shop there very much. Topps, Panini, Upper Deck & others often choose replacements for over-due redemptions. Why they don’t let the customer choose is driving away customers.

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